Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


  Stanford still had doubts about leaving or not the hybrid kid in control of the company's surveillance guard all night, but he had no choice. Beta 3 was the only half human to be able to think freely without him having to program any emergency instruction and it made clear what he should do in fact.
- This is your last chance, Beta 3. If there was some other kind of failure when I return tomorrow, you will be disabled. Get it?
   The boy nodded vigorously, determined to redeem himself.
- Yes, sir Stanford.
   Beta 3 was determined not to let anyone, especially Leigh, to have access to any given company. He was more alert than never to feel some kind of interference in his head.
"You know what to do"
- Damn it, even after all this he did not leave me alone. Well, as long as he is away from me and from here, I should not care about it. - The young man said to himself. However, looking at all those robots patrolling made him think he was lucky to have a human side to make decisions by himself and have feelings.
   However, it seems that he had chosen to have determination on the wrong day. Nothing was happening, so he decided to sit on the couch in Stanford's room, where he could have control of all the cameras.
   For a moment, he fell asleep without realizing it.

- Beta 3! What do you think you are doing here?
- Forgive me, sir.
   Stanford was not happy to see Beta 3 sitting on his couch, but everything was fine and no invasion had happened.
- Get out of my way. Now.
   He left without saying anything at all and left the company for some fresh air. Why does everything have to be this way? Couldn't Stanford change his ideas and simply give it up at once? Surely he could be arrested any day what he was doing, since it was not necessary to be an expert to know that the employees there were not human. Anyway, he had nothing with it and could disappear from view if something like this happened and he would never be discovered as a hybrid, so that he could continue his life until the day that the robotic parts allow.