Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 19, 2014


  David drove while Leigh slept in the passenger seat. It was the best thing to do, he thought, since the boy would suffer some more reality shocks. He knew that the former head of the department never hide some truth, especially now that Leigh knew much of what was going on.
- Leigh, wake up.
   The boy opened his eyes and looked around. They were parked in front of a large house, worthy of a former head of a robotics department. He got out and followed David to the front door, where a gray-haired man was waiting. He seemed not to be older than David, maybe two years or three.
- The boy grew and actually looks like her.
- Leigh, this is Dr. Edward Thomas, former head of the department.
   Leigh nodded.
- What happened? The sensors speech are broken?
- It was just what I needed, another scientist stuck to jokes counter.
   Edward chuckled while he closed the door.
- At least that made you say something. I think Holly forgot to put a sense of humor in your programming.
- Stop talking like I was a robot.
- And you do not consider yourself a machine?
   Leigh did not answer. Edward was one of those who made others accept reality with innocent jokes.
- Follow me please, unless Leigh has already tracked the whole house.
- I told you to stop it.
   Edward gave a new laugh and continued guiding them to the basement of the house, which looked more like a laboratory such as the robotics department.
- Sit there. - He pointed to a kind of armchair.
   Leigh looked at David and he nodded, indicating that the boy could trust what the department head said. As he sat, his ankles and wrists were arrested by thick rings of metal while Edward put some wires in his head and connected a cable around his neck.
- What the hell is that?
- It is completely necessary, believe me. This may hurt a little at first.
- What will you do?
- Some tests, backup and updates for your robotic parts ... - he paused - And you can lose control. Close your eyes and try to relax.
- Easy for you to say.
   Leigh closed his eyes and tried to contain as he listened to Edward typing endlessly and felt entering programs in and out of his body.
- Leigh.
   The boy opened his eyes, but neither scientists had called his name.
- Close your eyes and relax.
   He closed his eyes again and saw Holly's face. She was not crying and not with injuries or bruises. His brain took one split second to realize that this was a message that was certainly written long ago.
- Leigh, my son, if you are seeing this message it means you know everything and that the government could not get their hands on you yet. - It rather a short break - That's good ... Listen, I'm really sorry for you know that all of a sudden, I'm sorry you not be a normal human being who can be safe. All of this is my fault and Edward managed to trace you are because soon the government also can and they sure will try to find you. What I'll tell you now I never told anyone, so pay attention to Edward and David can understand too: I'm sure that, throughout your life, you realize a small relief on the inside of your left wrist, right? I deployed a small chip where there is a virus that can invade and corrupt the files of my projects on your hard drive when the third attempt the password is wrong, to ensure that the agents were not able to any information from my database. Ask them to activate this chip, but be careful. - Another break came - I really am sorry for making you go through it, but now it's too late for that. I really hope that you can get rid of them and can have a normal life as a human. Remember, Leigh, you will never be a machine while you have emotions and own thoughts. I love you.
   Leigh felt a brief headache when it ended. His hard drive was storing the instructions on the chip that Holly had said in the recording. The rings come loose and Edward began removing boy cables.
- It's all refreshed and ready.
- Are you all right, Leigh?
- My mother asked me to say something to you.
   Both paralyzed and waited for the boy finished speaking.
- This is crazy! Who can guarantee that this virus will remain in the chip until someone tries to access the database? - Edward protested, energetic.
- But she asked for us we activate, we can not ignore that. Surely she knows what she did. - David countered with a completely calm voice and that scared Leigh.
- In any case, and if that jeopardize the functioning of hard drive and affect his brain before the time? He may lose the memory! Who said that virus will affect only the database?
- If the virus really was as destructive as it sounds, you do not think he would have already left the same chip disabled? A virus is never completely disabled and, if so, Leigh could not access binary codes without leaving any virus. The computers of the department are in perfect condition.
   Edward was silent and pondered for a moment. That would mean a very great risk and may not be worth.
- Trust her, Edward. At some point she has made a mistake when dealing with viruses?
- No, but she never created a virus. She always took care to remove them.
- I have nothing to lose. - Leigh interrupted, impatient, so that both scientists were surprised. - If my mother could create me, I'm sure she knows what she did.
   Edward took a deep breath and anesthetized Leigh's arm. Even with the help of David, was extremely complex activate the chip so that the virus was ready for an attempt to extract information.
- Finally is complete. Do you feel any difference, Leigh?
- I'm not even feeling my arm, how can I tell if I'm feeling some difference?
- Apparently there was no difference.
- We have to take care that the agents do not find him.