Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


  Leigh was not not far from the building that was written in the letter. Yes, he knew that David would kill him for it, but it was better for all that he finished with it involving nobody. He had no idea what could happen, but no matter, Leigh was no longer a child. The building reminded where Holly worked, but he would not be thinking about it. The sooner entered, the sooner he would come out.
   A boy was typing nimbly on a computer when Leigh arrived and showed the protocol. The receptionist nodded and quickly began to enter numbers without saying a single word.
- Leigh Michaelis, is not it? Follow me, please.
   The voice was not from man, but a woman who had just arrived at the reception. There was something strange in both, but Leigh could not identify with certainty what it was and followed the woman, without having another option. They entered in the elevator and went to the top floor, which was a huge and comfortable living room with carpets and imported paintings, genuine leather sofas and fully illuminated by glass walls.
- Please feel at ease.
- And who should I expect, exactly?
   A man with slightly graying hair, elegantly dressed and honey eyes went then motioning for the woman to withdraw and she did instantly.
- Leigh Michaelis, is not it? I am honored to meet you.
- Who are you?
   It had nothing to do directly with the government, Leigh thought, if he would remember the face of the man.
- What happened? Your robotic brain is not recognizing me? - He laughed - Before you ask, I work in government, but with a minimal function in which no one would miss it. However, I owned the place where Holly Michaelis worked and I admit that it was one of the best.
- I'm not here for that. You did not answer my question.
- It does not matter now, you will have time to know who I am. And yes, I know well that you do not want to hear me talk about your mother, but you were arrogant come here alone. It is not because you are a human hybrid that nothing bad can happen to you. I'm sure David told why the "government" wants you, right?
- Yes, but I felt an ironic tone in your voice.
- For it is not our ruler directly with an interest in you. For him, you're just another normal human, but I'm interested in you.
   Leigh knew where this was coming and let his senses alert.
- Can you see this company? It's the same where all cientists you know worked, however I had to change the name for the incident with Holly does not interfere with my success. - The man gave a predatory smile - Welcome home, Leigh.
- Do not give me that kind of talk. If this is the same company, I imagine that agents enter through that door at any time to drag me to a laboratory where they experiment to clone my DNA, right?
- You're a smart guy, but I do not need those stupid agents for this.
   The same receptionist appeared, however, it was something different. Leigh looked carefully and cautiously and saw that the boy's eyes were red.
- You think you're so important to work wuth humans and you decided to operate machines?
- Beautiful observation, Leigh. Yes, you're right. Ordinary humans are not so efficient and so I need your DNA, so humans would be more efficient and would not need annual repairs, which greatly save my money, especially when I get what I want
- I do not care what you want, but either way you think you can hold me using it?
   The robot moved wildly, but Leigh could control it as controlled electronic equipment. The machine was stopping to get within walking distance of the boy and he could see the eyes of the robot fading slowly. When the red light disappeared completely, Leigh ran toward one wall and bounced, breaking one of the glasses but with no one to chase him.
- This is a great skill, my boy. However, you will not get away from me.

   Leigh fell standing on the sidewalk in an alley in the company's funds and began to run back home. He knew exactly what David would think, however now everything was done and the speed he had made him increasingly closer to the punishment.

- What happened?
   David was startled when Leigh slammed the door. The boy was a little sweaty and panting.
- Apparently you made a beautiful race.
- Yes, but not the way you're thinking.
- What did you do?
   Leigh delivered the letter in the hands of David and hurried to go take a shower. He did not want to be around when the man finished reading and take off his own conclusions.