Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 20, 2014


- What do we do now?
- How would I know? Not worth it we moved again and even isolate you from the world. While nothing happens, the better it would continue our lives and trust in Edward's help to know the steps of government agents.
- There must be some way to stop all this.
- No, do not. They are determined and while they fail to make those super there is nothing we can do.
- Why do not deliver any wrong formula or some other of the previous Alpha projects who failed?
- Leigh, they are not idiots. They know all the steps that Holly gave until it build you. Since when she presented this idea, the government have been waiting anxiously to be able to put his hands on you.
   Leigh did not answer, just kept thinking about what Holly had said in the recording. No, it's not your fault, mother, he thought, I'm the culprit to finally have worked. If I were not here now ...
- Boy.
   He looked at Edward.
- While I performed the tests, I realized that your body has not accepted very well your robotic parts.
- What do you mean with "not supported yet"?
- When we finished the operation to put the hard drive in you, your heart rate were unstable and you had some cardiac arrests, leaving Holly concerned. She thought you could not survive because your health was really poor.
- And why are you telling me this now?
- It does not matter, be glad I have remembered that. Now let me finish.
   Leigh sighed.
- When you were little, you used to have asthma, and severe pain in the head and chest every time you tried too. I never took you to common medical, for surely this would bring problems and this way I always looked after you. As you grew older, his body began to adapt more to the parts that are within you, so that you now have some skills. However, not all of its capabilities yet appeared. If the government put its hands on you in the state where you are now, for sure you would be arrested as a lab rat until your development takes place completely.
- And only now you tell me that?
- David is right. The government will not come after you yet. They will wait and even put spies to try to find out your progress.
- They can track me, right? This way they do not need spies.
- Yes, they have. Just like me, they only managed a passing signal, but that will become visible as your increasing progress.
- I see.
   Leigh put his head in his hands, as if it could do the ideas are organized automatically. His head began to hurt, as were many information followed so that it could process at once. Each had its importance and it made him without a fixed course.
- I think we should leave him alone to understand it all.
- Yes. It's the best thing to do. Leigh, let's go.
   The boy got up from the chair without saying anything at all.
- Hope to see you soon, Leigh.
   He did not answer. Just like the first time they'd spoken, he just nodded and turned off the car alarm without David did.
- It seems that he has an unusual ability.
- I think he didn't realize it.
- Well, I hope he can get over it as soon as possible.
- Me too.
   They nodded at each other and David finally got into the car.
- It seems you can disable alarms.
- Yes, I found it when I heard the noise of the
Edward's safety system being disabled.
- You are a prodigy.
- Do not try to praise me. This would work if I was not hybrid.
- Okay, okay, I'm just trying to motivate you.
   David was used to it, though he knew that Leigh was shaken by it all.
- You do not need to go to college if you do not want.
- Thank you. I need time to think.
   They finally arrived and Leigh went to bed where he slept immediately. David did not bother to sleep, since he had things to do. He decided to avoid talking about it until the boy finally to process all that information. What he feared was that the government decided to invest ahead of schedule, but change country was not a solution, since they would be interdicted at the airport after that signal. Even if they could pass, the Leigh's robotics parts could compromise the flight or the GPS.
- I hope it all ends soon. - David said to himself.