Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 26, 2014


  Leigh was still finishing transferring data to Edward's antivirus program while thinking that hybrid guard. He had not seen his face, but the boy knew he was certainly deluded with a program that Stanford created to be able to control him. Anyway, it would not last more, since the virus that was in it was eventually transmitted to the hard disk of another boy.
- It appears that your virus has some kind of intelligence. - Edward broke the silence - It did not leave any trace in Stanford files and even on my computer. I think Holly managed to make a kind of programming for the detection of enemy equipment.
- Yes. - Leigh replied distantly.
- Are you still thinking of that hybrid guard?
- I do not think it's fair that Stanford has done it so carelessly. Parts of it were woefully outdated, as if he had the caught in some kind of museum. I really do not know how he can work that way.
- Stanford just want the machines to suit his needs. If they are working, for him there is no problem and you just confirmed this with your own eyes.
- Still I do not believe he tried to make a copy of old projects from my mother that way. It is even ...
- Inhuman? Even for him a hybrid human is nothing more nothing less than a robot with emotions. However, you should not worry about it, you are an Alpha technology that no one would ever think of doing. You are a unique and highly advanced piece for this current period.
- Do not say that, Edward. - David finally decided to say something - That boy whose was built by Stanfordin a way, is part of the Alpha project.
- It's just a copy. He even calls himself Beta 3 and Stanford reports all here, and I saw that report is nearly identical to Holly's report when she made the Alpha 15. That boy can provide error soon.
   Leigh paused, wondering what had happened to the hard drive of that boy. He would have been able to get rid of that virus or sometime he has had all the memories erased?

- I feel sorry for this failure, Mr. Stanford. The fault is all mine.
- Yes, I know that is all your fault, after all I trusted you and what I found? All my cameras disabled and all robots completely infected by a virus I've ever seen in my entire life! You had an obligation to stop it!
- I'm really sorry.
- No good saying that. Also, you left him copy my database, but luckily your antivirus could stop the infection before it was too late. You are dismissed. Rest and give their best for the safety of the company. I will not tolerate another failure like that until I can get my hands on Alpha 20, got it?
- Yes, sir. Perfectly.
- Now get out of my sight.
   He left the lab, thinking about what happened last night. Leigh could have destroyed the memories that were on the hard drive, but not those that were in his brain. However, Alpha 20 was right: he did not even have a normal human name and was not even treated as deserved. Even the robots had names and received more attention than him. "Yes, he made a completely bad copy of mine, so it does not require much work. I can do things you can not." That's what Leigh said, but that it was still true. "Even you not being a robot, I can affect your robotic parts, which by the way are extremely outdated. I never saw a CPU as bad as these.".
   Beta 3 does not want to accept it, but he had the function of the CPU completely paralyzed by Alpha20 without he needed to touch it and it was something that he, being a mere beta project, could ever do. The sharp vision allowed him to see the parts that were inside the invader. Yes, Leigh was made of pieces that no genius even think of doing, at least not in this decade. Even being in 2093 no one could think about it, although those parts have been built in 2074, nineteen years ago. It made him feel jealous, but that such a sentiment point?
- I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.
   When the boys looked at each other,and  Beta 3 was in shock.
- Alpha20.
- Who are you?
- You do not remember me? I'm the one who does not have a normal name.
   Leigh looked at him for a moment. Yes, he knew that boy was Beta 3, however, was impossible to believe that kid was hybrid. Even when dealing with a copy of it, the young man realized that the appearance was not the same: the boy was a little low and had brown hair and green eyes, but in a different tone that only the hybrids had.
- Yes, I remember you, but do not want to continue that discussion.
- I do not. I do not even want to see you in front of me. So, do not re-invade the Lord Stanford's company again.
- I got what I needed and I have no reason to go back there. - Leigh paused - And neither do you.
- Do not get involved in my personal life.
- Do not you think for both of us being the only human hybrids should not be on the same side? Edward and David could exchange these related parts.
- I do not come with that, I'm fine as I am.
- No, you're not. I know one thing you do not know and will never know.
   Beta 3 stared at him, but he knew Alpha20 would never say anything about it unless he accepted his proposal.
- There is nothing I do not know, Alpha 20. I know I'm a copy of yours.
- Will you stop calling me like that? My name is Leigh Michaelis.
- Whatever. - Beta 3 countered - names are just names.
- But that reminds me that I'm still human, what about you? It must be painful to see that some Stanford's robots have human names and you do not.
- I'm already used to it, after living for eighteen years this way.
- This means that Stanford was able to build you a year after me. Anyway, your project is not the same as mine. Stanford did not copy my project.
- I'm tired of your bullshit.
- The worst deaf is one who does not want to hear and the wrost blind is one who does not want to see. Have you looked at some files from Stanford's database?
- Of course not, he says that what is there is secret.
- Well you should, it will make you have a different perspective of Stanford and of yourself about your robotics parts.