Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 25, 2014


- Leigh, are you sure about that?
- Do not worry, David. I'm doing this for my mother.
   He waited patiently until Stanford left, bringing the two secretaries with him. Anyway, Leigh knew that the building would not be unprotected. His eyes were getting used and adapting to the vision in which David had finally spoken appeared, however with a capacity that he did not expect.
- What is it, Leigh?
- You did not tell me that I could see through walls.
- Can you?
- Yes. I can see that there are two robots on each floor and there are security cameras everywhere. Also, I can not see any suspicious place.
- You may not know until you enter. Be careful.
   Leigh began to approach cautiously the main entrance without attracting attention and cast a stone against the door, causing the alarm inside the building fire. The officers standing left armed and with night-vision goggles.
- We see it, get out now.
   Just one look was enough to disable them, allowing Leigh to move forward. However, before entering, he was able to connect to the hard drive of the robots, making the data that moment were erased. However, when he disconnected, he saw that something was happening to them.
- David, Edward.
- What happened?
- The virus ... It is spreading.
- What you mean?
- The virus crossed the connecting cable and hit the hard disk of Stanford guards.
- Are you fine? Do you feel anything different?
- For now, no. However, it seems that the virus will not harm me.
- Let's hope you're right.
   Leigh continued to advance, disabling and transmitting virus to the cameras and robotic guards Stanford until finally the whole building was free, except for the top floor where he was the first time he was there. The boy went upstairs, turning off the cameras before they capture his image.
- What have you got so far, Leigh?
- Still nothing. I'm almost on the top floor, but there is nothing. It's as if he knew I would come back here.
- Do not give up. There must be something.
- I'll keep looking.
   A shot whizzed by his head. It was the last robotic guard. Leigh looked closely at that guard, but he did not seem in fact a robot.
- What happened, Alpha 20?
- How do you know what I am?
- Leigh! What's happening?
- I do not know. That guard just called me Alpha 20.
   The guard kept the gun pointed at Leigh.
- What are you?
- I'm the same as you, Alpha 20, but I did not have the same luck of having been created by the best scientist in the department. I am part of the Beta project. My name is Beta 3.
- You mean that Stanford began to play to create hybrids too? Whatever, I do not care about that, you are weak.
   The hybrid guard gritted teeth because he could not deny the truth.
- Leigh, why do you say that?
- Stanford managed to create a hybrid too.
- Are you sure?
- My vision does not deceive me. He says that is part of a Beta project.
- Beta Project? This means that his quality is lower.
- Exactly.
   Another shot whizzed by Leigh.
- I will not let you continue talking after insulting me this way. I'll make you pay.
- Are you sure? You do not even have a normal name.
- Because I was not made by a mad scientist. In addition, she had to do nineteen attempts to succeed. But master Stanford needed only two attempts to create me.
   Leigh knew where that would come if he gave in to provocations. However, he knew he could fight back the same way.
- Yes, he made a completely terrible copy of mine, so it does not require much work. I can do things you can not.
- Give me an example.
- Look around. All cameras were turned off and there is no longer any robot on the lower floors. If you still do not believe I can do this.
   The guard felt a severe headache when the CPU caught him for a few seconds, but that was enough to make him fall to his knees.
- Are you satisfied?
- Damn, how did it?
- I can handle anything electronic. Even you not being a robot, I can affect your robotic parts, which by the way are extremely outdated. I never saw a CPU as bad as these.
   The other boy growled, preparing to shoot again as Leigh approached.
- I'm really sorry for that.
   Leigh again paralyzed the CPU, causing him to fall again, this time without awareness. The boy ran and found a cable that could connect the guard's hard drive with it, allowing Leigh invade the Stanford's database and copied all files and erase everything from his memory.
   Again something seemed to happen. The virus has invaded the hybrid hard drive, however Leigh could not do anything. He had what he wanted and now he should retire as soon as possible.