Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

♕ XIV- stay or not

- Are you sure?
- Yes. - I looked directly into his eyes.
- So I want you to say out loud.
   His eyes gave me the courage I needed. He did not seem concerned about the fact that I make mistakes or not, he just seemed to want to hear what I thought.
- Do not be afraid, I will ever stay angry if you make a mistake.
- You're an angel of darkness.
- And why do you think that?
- Because I remember that in the book said that angels
of darkness and demons have immortality and power, all that Ethan wanted. However, I still had doubts because you had characteristics of both, so I could not tell for sure what you were. However, I remembered all that you did to me to find out what you were and I saw that demons do their best to keep secrets as angels of darkness show that they have a secret and make people feel comfortable to discover it. That's exactly what you're doing.
   Vincent opened a sweet smile for me, but I still was not sure that my thought was right.
- I feel the happiest man in the world now, because I do not have to hide anymore from you. Finally you know what I'm ... - he looked at me with concern - Are you afraid of me?
- Of course not, how could I be afraid of you? Vincent, what happened to you was an accident and you will always be sweet to me, as that prom night.
   His smile widened even more.
- I promise I'll be like this forever. However, now you have to decide whether to stay here with me or not.
   I could not decide it for myself, after all what I should do to get back to my world was done and certainly I should not stay there long. Tears streamed down my face without my noticing. As expected, Vincent the dried them gently.
- Why are you crying, my love? I'll be here anyway for you and I always will be. I love you.
- Vincent... Vincent ...
   He hugged me tenderly while I lost control of the body where I was. Gradually, I was not feeling his arms and hear everything that he spoke.
- Thanks for helping me. - I heard the voice of Bridget happier than ever. - Do not be sad, I know you'll find someone like Vincent.
   This was not really a consolation. Bridget did not know that in my world no boys like Vincent.

- It's been two hours since she lost the consciousness, are you sure that she will wake up?
- Yes, it was only a slight fainting from lack of food. I believe she will wake up soon.
   Two hours? I stayed there for days and I still could not move my body, though I knew I was back in it. My body was weak and I clearly remembered that I had not had breakfast. I tried to move my hand.
- She is moving.
   I felt a hand that I could not be my mother nor my father holding my wrist carefully for a few seconds. I opened my eyes slowly until you see the face of my mother. She seemed relieved to see me wake up. I looked around. Yes, I really was home.
- Bryanna Shane?
- Yup?
- Are you fine?
   I nodded. My head hurt a little, but I knew I would soon improve. I looked at the man who was next to me and looking at me sweetly and touching my forehead.
- This is Vincent. He graduated in medicine and was passing by when you lost the
consciousness at the front door.
- I think we met somewhere. - He smiled at me.
   That smile. Those hazel eyes. It could not be.
   A noise comes from the kitchen and my mother gets up from the couch, hasty.
- I'm so sorry. Bryanna, why do not you accompany Vincent to the door?
   I accompanied him to the door and Vincent closed the door.
- Bridget said you'd find someone.
- Vincent Baskerville?
- Yes I am.. I have immortality, do you remember?
- It is true. But how do you know who I am?
- Gradually I was realizing that it was not just that Bridget was within that body. That curiosity, that determination... Bridget would not try to find out my secret after she stayed at my house. In addition, she told me about another person in her body.
- What happened to Bridget?
- It's been centuries since that day. I spent quality time with her, but ...
- I'm so sorry.
- Do not worry. Human life is short and precious, and before she died, she asked me to continue with the person who was in her body. It took a while, but I finally found you, Bryanna. - He smiled gently as before.
- All this ... Is it really true?
- Of course - he spread his wings for a brief moment, without hiding the gentle smile and his sweet - The reality is a dream.