Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


  The agents left moments later, without paying attention to any of them that were there. Anyway, neither scientists nor the hybrids seemed to care about the agents, so that each continued immersed in their own thoughts.
   David was the first to break the silence.
- What will you do now, Leigh?
- What kind of question is that?
- So far you were hunting, but the threat was finally neutralized. You finally developed all your skills and, theoretically, no longer of any university. What will you do now?
- You're right ... I do not know. However, I have of time to decide. - He looked at Dylan - And you? What will you do?
- I can not leave the Stanford's company end up that way. I plan on taking control of it.
   Edward put his hand on the boy's shoulder.
- So you will not be alone.
- Hey! Leigh!
   David hurried behind the boy.
- What is the problem?
- I just had enough of it. I want to go home.
- So go ahead. I will help them.
   Leigh nodded and made his way back home while David returned to the company.
- What happened?
- Leigh is tired.
- I understand.
   They understand what Dylan was not able to understand. He never imagined someone with such a superior design and advanced feeling some kind of tiredness or stress. Yes, even with robotic parts he was still a human, however hybrids were more resistant and it should not have affected him that way.

   Soon, the front door of the house was closed gentily behind Leigh. He had never felt so tired before. Perhaps the fact that it was forced to take the form of Dylan for so long has the worn, he thought. The boy climbed the stairs slowly and headed for the shower, in order to be able to sleep then. The warm water made him feel good again, though a sense of vertigo overwhelmed him as he was leaving the bathroom. Leigh had never felt this before, anyway, it should be tired, he said to himself. With wet hair he lay in bed and fell asleep immediately