Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 23, 2015


  Leigh never heard David talking to himself before, however, he could hear him from his room. The boy was lying in bed again, feeling more tired than ever when he hears the call of his adoptive father. Reluctantly, he gets up and follows the way to the living room.
- Wow!
   The exclamation of a familiar voice caught the attention of Leigh, whose eyes met Edward, who held the startled expression.
- Did you call me for this? I already know them.
- Looks like someone woke up in a bad mood.
- I was not sleeping.
- Then why are you with that expression?
   Leigh sighed and turned away without answering the Edward's provocation as he always did. Something in his mind said he did not feel any stay there. He was tired and again the feeling of weakness and if he stay there for more time, he would feel even worse.
   Dylan watched his conduct carefully, without looking away in no time. However, his sensors could not grasp what was wrong.
- Can you see? That's what I'm talking about. It is as if that he was not the real Leigh.
- It really does not look good. Did you find out someting, Dylan?
   The boy shook his head in negative.
- We have to world hard to know. However, Leigh can not suspicious of our presence in this house.
- Okay.
   They heard footsteps coming down the hall toward where they were and fell silent again.
- Leigh, is everything okay?
- Yes. Why?
- Do You ...
- I will not be here wasting my time waiting for you to say ...
- Leigh!
   The boy began to feel severe headaches and fell to the ground, losing consciousness in then.