Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

♕ XI- reflections

  Ethan went again to the room after another discussion with Raphael again. He wanted to know why it always happens, however, did not know or even interested him know. The boy took a sort of diary that was under his pillow and skimmed a single page before grabbing his coat and leave.
- Are you going out again?
- You do not send in my life, Vincent.
- Do not discount your bad mood in me, I'm just asking.
- I'm sorry, but are private matters.
   Vincent went on the stairs while Ethan was leaving through the front door.
- What happened to your brother?
- I do not know. You are who should know.
- If you keep acting this way you will end up becoming a shadow.
- Either way Ethan will not be allowed to stay here forever. Sooner or later I'll have some peace.
   Raphael sighed.
- Your mother would be astonished if she was here to see the difference between you and your brother.
   Vincent shrugged and went to the bedroom. He knew that sooner or later he would have peace and quiet can enjoy all the inheritance he would receive.

   A horse trotting through the forest quickly for some time could be listen until the animal stopped when it saw a human shadow not far. Ethan tied the reins on a tree branch and went toward the shadow, which was an old man with a deformed appearance, typical of an alchemist or wizard that time.
- Do not you dare spoil it, this is the last one left. You can only make a spell with her.
   Ethan gave a bag of gold coins in exchange for a small wooden box box. The Alchemist smiled when he saw the amount of money that was in the bag disappeared in the shadows and the boy did the same then.

- What you got there?
- That's my business.
- All that comes in my house is my business too. What are you hiding?
   Ethan did not give satisfaction to his father and ran up the stairs, almost running into Vincent, who was down for afternoon tea.
- What got into him?
- That's what I also wanted to know.

   Ethan closed the bedroom door shut behind him and locked it quickly, to make sure nobody came in and interrupted him. He took off his coat and put the wooden box on the dresser. Again he took the book under the pillow and opened on a page that was very well marked.
   The boy looked around the room and opened one of the drawers of the dresser, quickly searching until you find a small bottle with a liquid in light blue and he put in a small pot. Ethan looked back at the book and then opened the wooden box that held a black feather larger than that of any animal that had wings. He cut off it in the middle, because the book said he needed only half and the rest was burned, to make sure no one found out and then incorporated into the potion.
   As he finished, the net was in lilac color, but still hand was exactly the default color for the potion was complete. He needed something more and he knew exactly where to get it. Ethan left the room, with the liquid back into the bottle and hidden in his pocket, along with a silver dagger.
   Vincent and Raphael were in the room, each deep in thought when Ethan sound down the stairs catches their attention.
- It seems that no one waited for me for afternoon tea.
- We have no obligation to wait for you, Ethan. You know that delays are not tolerated.
- Always wanting to impose rules, right? We'll see when you will give orders.
- Are you challenging me?
   Vincet knew it would not end well, so he got up from the couch and grabbed his coat before leaving to go to a horseback riding. He did not want to be near that house while they were discussing.
- Can you see? Vincent is ahamed to have someone as pathetic as you part of the family.
- I would say that he, like me, are tired of all that you do. You were not so, Ethan, what happened?
- I have nothing to talk to you. In addition, you have nothing that interests me unless your blood.
   Ethan took the pocket silver dagger and did not hesitate to point against Raphael.
- What do you think you're doing? Lower this dagger now.
- You do not send me anymore!
   Raphael could not deviate from the court that Ethan had on his back, where the blood began to run. A drop dripped on the bottle and the liquid lilac took violet tone, exactly the tone he needed.
- I do not need anything else. For me, you can die now.
- Ethan ... Do not tell me you're involved with black magic?
- I just used some features that black magic can offer me. How immortality.
   The front door opens then and Vincent, seeing the bloody dagger and the father kneeling jumped on the twin without considering the consequences of his acts, causing the bottle to break and some of the liquid came into contact with the skin of the face and of his right hand. Ethan was clearly furious, because he could not make another potion and that everything had been ruined by Vincent. Anyway, he still managed to give a satisfactory smile to see Raphael falling dead in his own pool of blood.
- What did you do?
- I freed us from the tyranny of the man. You should thank me.
- You killed him to do something forbidden. Ethan, have you any idea what you did?
- Yes, I know what I did.
- You should be sorry!
- You may have been something I most longed for, but now I am the master of your life too.
   Ethan got up and went to the room without another word, while Vincent cultivated a secret hate and a destination he did not know who would have to carry forever.