Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

♕ X - only dream

  I could imagine the suffering of the family, however Vincent appeared to belong to a family that had no problems and after listen to it, I got a little sad.
- I'm so sorry.
- Do not worry. Ultimately, it is the best. Now I can not help it and unfortunately I have to say that no other servant to help you. You have just about everything in hand to find out what I am.
- I understand.
- If I could tell ... But I can not.
- Why not?
- You will not believe, I know you well enough to say that. - He looked at the clock - Come on, let's have dinner.
   I could not stop imagining what took Ethan to do it all. Anyway, I would try to find an answer in this book and follow the advice of Vincent: I try to dream, after all myself was already in a dream, does not it? So nothing could change dramatically.
- You do not want your food cold, do you?
   I had not even realized that Vincent was over and he was with the spoon ready to put in my mouth. He was extremely kind, even with all the events that made other people hate him for what Ethan did in the past. I opened my mouth, but deep down I did not want to eat anything at the moment.
- I guess you need some time to think, is not it?
    Bridget told me to forget it because his company was more important, however, I just nodded and he kissed my forehead gently.
- You know where to find me. If you need me, do not hesitate to call me.
- Okay.
   I went to my room, ignoring the complaints of Bridget in my head. This was her world and not mine. This body belonged to her and the Vincent's love too. There was nothing that belonged to me in this world and deep down I was sorry for it. I closed the door behind me and opened the book, determined to find something that would help me.
   Unfortunately I could not find much information. There were two options that I could not rule in any way; Vincent could be either of the two, since both creatures had wings and I was sure that those scars were certainly wings and the two creatures could have immortality, which was one of the things that Ethan craved more. Only dream, that's what Vincent told me.

   Immortality. Power. That's what Ethan wanted and what he did not possess.
  Just a dream could set everything. Just a dream can set me free. That's what I know, but that's exactly what I want?