Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 16, 2015

♕ XII - desires

  What was that? I could not tell. It was as if I were really there, as if it had been real. I could finally understand what Vincent was saying, what he really felt. However, I still could not say much about what he was actually. Anyway, it seemed that Bridget was more uncertain than me.
   After some thought, I decided to look for Vincent. He was not anywhere in the house, but I found him in the woods entrance and ran to catch up. Hearing my steps, he stopped and waited for me.
- What happened?
- I think I saw how you became what you are now.
- You finally dreamed, right?
- Yes. But I'm still torn between two possible creatures.
- As much as they are similar, there is a difference that can be small or not, depends on the eye of the beholder.
- Yes, but I'm doubt about what to do.
- And what is your question?
- I do not know if I try to engage me to discover his secret or not.
- How come? Have you been so determined.
- Yes, but you said I would stay here until I find out everything, however, then I'll have to go home and I do not know if that's what I want.
- You will only return home if it is your wish. Otherwise, you can stay here forever. Anyway, I really want you to know what I am to so know what you really want.
   However he did not know my real situation. He did not know that that body was not in the possession of Bridget Bellmont, but under the control of Bryanna Shane, a girl from a different time and he never thought would exist. I was torn between the desire to Bridget and mine, even though I do not know what is my desire for truth. Anyway, Bridget knew and she is the one to be with him.
- Are you fine?
- Yup.
- You need some rest. It will do you good to be thinking about that so much.
- I know.
- So rest. I'll be here for you always. You have all the world's time to seek the truth and you are just a step away from it now.
   Vincent smiled, as always, making me feel even more divided. I do not find a smile like those in my epoch.