Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

♕ IX - madness of duke baskerville

  There was nothing but things like spells, invocations and rituals that book and that gave me the creeps. However, it has not made me see clearly what Vincent had become. Rather, it was confusing me even more.
 - Vincent, I still do not understand ... What your brother really wanted? What are you now?
 - You need to think alone and dream a little. - He smiled slightly - I can assure you that greed moved him every day and that, even if he is the older twin, he wanted to put his hands on the heritage and command all our land before time. This was what triggered everything below.
 - I know I have to find out myself, but this is all new to me. I could never think of such a thing.
 - I see ... Well, I guess it will not hurt to tell you the story of Ethan. However, I want you to promise me you'll try to figure it all out alone after that, okay?
 I agreed. Surely everyone had done so much for me and now I should try to assemble the pieces of the puzzle alone if I wanted to go home. Vincent took the book out of my hands and put it on the bedside table.
 - You will not need it now, just what I'll say.
 He made me lay beside him, as if he was telling me a bedtime story.
 - Ethan has always been a great companion, even if our preferences were different. Before all this happened, we were truly brothers and best friends.
 "After we completed eighteen, Ethan knew, because he is the older twin, he could receive his share of the inheritance when he wanted or expected the death of our father, Raphael Baskerville, in order to take account of the mansion. In However, if he claimed the inheritance, he would no longer master of the house and so he always remained here. However, he and our father began to fall out from this point. They rarely talked, and when they did, they always ended exchanging threats and insults that not dare repeat. As the frequency of discussion increased, further I wanted to stay and so I always went to a horseback riding.
 For this reason, I never knew what was happening, because when I arrived they were not arguing. Ethan locked himself in the room and once in a while you could hear him laughing. When he did not do that, he went out and returned with some things that he hid in his coat pocket and never told anyone. The only thing he said was that he could dominate all soon.
 It was eight months ago. Ethan and dad were arguing warmly and I again turned away, however, if I had known what would happen I would certainly have taken another decision. Anyway, when I returned from the horseback ride, I did not expect to find more whole discussion, but just witnessing Ethan with a silver dagger in his hands and a bottle with a violet liquid in another while our father was kneeling on the floor with a cut on his back, with the shallow breathing. I could not let my father be killed like that, since my brother could continue to hit him, so I ended up jumping on Ethan, and it made the bottle be borken and the liquid came into contact with my skin and began to burn. He was furious, but I could see a smile on his face and did not need to look back to know: our father was dead and now. Ethan was the owner of everything until his death and I could not do anything.
 - You may have been what I most longed for - he told me - but now I'm the owner of your life too.
   After that, the employees became subdued by his abusive power and with that Ethan started  to strive to take the wealth of others also marrying girls and killing them three days later to be entitled to all and further enrich. However, it was noticeable that he was not satisfied as he walked from one side to the other with that same book in hand with a frown. I never dared to ask something, because after being bathed in violet liquid that I started to feel really bad but no doctor knew what to do.
 Anyway, Ethan forgot the book on the living room and once I read it with the Leon's company, the same employee who showed the book for you, but only I saw the contents. Everything made sense to me, but I saw that there was no return. I would be this creature forever.
 After the seventh wife, Ethan had no more sanity. No one knew why, but three days later he took possession of his wife's family wealth, he killed himself by drinking a liquid the same color as the one who had hit me. He probably tried to recreate that, but he was unsuccessful. "