Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, January 24, 2015


  Edward kept frowning throughout the Leigh scanning process. There was not something good there, he knew it because of the sounds that issued the scanner. David stared at the computer screen without distracting for one second until it was over. What would have happened to him? By the time they could not know, anyway, the computer would reveal it sooner or later.
- Did Stanford do something to him?
- I don't think so. He always leaves evidence of his work. Whatever it is is something internal that arose when both the robotic parts of human body parts. This can be a malaise passenger or a serious error.
- Do not tell me that. I do not want to think about the possibility of any errors.
   Edward looked away for a moment the screen to face David.
- You got attached to him, is not it?
- I had to create him since he was a baby until the present day. It is natural that I'm feeling like this. It is as if Leigh was my son.
   The scanning finished and the computer had finished processing the errors that were found. Edward looked closely and shook the head in negative.
- It seems to be a serious mistake.
- What?
   David pushed
Edward to the side and his eyes stopped in written in red on the bottom of the screen: "Fatal Error". He searched far as he could to find out what it was that fatal error and how to solve it.
- And if you do not find the resolution?
- Shut up. I know I will have some solution. Leigh can not stay that way ... Oh, no. No, no, no! It can not be! Edward! Tell me what I'm seeing is crazy!
   Edward came over and read the complete error report. It was just one error, but the most fatal of all and that, according to the diagnosis made by the computer, there wouldn't be a solution.
- I'm sorry, but it is not crazy. There is no solution for his error.
   David clenched his fists, feeling unable for the first time.
- There is no solution?
- No.
- Solution for what?
   Leigh was getting up and going towards them. David could not look at the kid and think that this error would convict him. Even just being a foster parent, Leigh was important to him in a way.
- For your error. - Edward replied.
- I have an error?
- Yes. The fact that you lost the
consciousness was the result of this error, as all the other symptoms you have had so far.
   He waited that some of them finished the completion of error, however he realized they would not answer when he saw David avoiding looking at him and Edward apart.
- You started talking, now ending. I'm not leaving here without an answer.
   Both scientists looked at each other and David took a deep breath.
- The virus is
dominating your body.
- This is ridiculous. If that were true, it should have started doing this when it was activated.
- It was acknowledging the functioning of your body with robotic parts before starting to take control. The virus was divided and both parties are attacking your human and robotic sides until you become a machine under its control.
   David analyzed carefully Leigh's expression, which remained soft, as if it was not something fatal.
- Edward, what you have to say?
- There is no way to reverse the effect of the virus. We also have no solution at the moment. It's just a matter of time until you be controlled like a puppet.