Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

♕ V - away

   Vincent was not here when I woke up. Yes, I understand his reasons for not being able to stay, as I awoke to the smell of breakfast in my room. The servants even asked permission to enter! It was as if I was not there. I took the coffee in silence, trying to ignore the eyes of the servant who was waiting for me.
   As soon as he left I went to the bathroom to see how my marks were, however I found absolutely nothing, it was as if sir Bellmont never had beaten me like that yesterday. It seems that because Vincent has touched my wounds caused them to simply disappear. Was that it?
   I looked around the room until I saw a notebook on the table. It was her diary and so I did not take me long to see the last entry she did. "Vincent was not a boy like all the others, I have the most absolute certainty, so I fear I will never see him again. I need to find him and find out what he hides behind his aristocratic title , so that I can know exactly whether if I should think about it or forget it once and for all. "
   So it was for this reason that she ran away. I mean I would have to do it for her if I wanted come back to my home? Yes, after my injuries were healed I also wanted to know what he was, but not taking the place of another person who had the power to control my words and my feelings when she wanted.
   I changed my clothes and went to the balcony. There was no one there and I would not allow me to be stuck here longer. Every minute I understand why Bridget is so melancholy and have decided to leave here when she had the opportunity. It was not life for nobody. Anyway, I admire her for scoring run and run both in an outfit like that. As much as I admire the Victorian fashion, I could not do exactly what she did.
   I admit I never liked very high, however the freedom spoke louder. Reunite all the courage I had and jumped, trying to make as little noise as I could. Luckily, I did not make a lot of noise when I fell to my knees and looked one last time at the windows of the mansion. No one was watching me, so this was a perfect opportunity to try to return home.
   But I need to find Vincent first, however I had no idea where to find it now. I went back to the depths of the forest, hoping someone could help me find it.
- Can I help you, miss?
   It was a peasant who seemed gentle. I approached her.
- Please, you know where is the duke Baskerville's house?
   She thought for a while.
- I knew that the duke mansion is on, but I do not know if they moved. Well, you can try to go there, but I would not do that if I were you.
- Why not?
- They say he lives alone with employees and attract the young girls to marry them and then kill them to stay with the wealth of their family.
- Vincent would not be able to do this.
- The first sign of illusion is this, young lady.
- How can you be sure?
- Because my daughter married him and then she was killed. All my possessions were lost and now I became what I am today. They used to call me Countess Erika Allucard, but that's the past.
- I'm sorry, but I can not believe it.
- Do not believe, but then do not say I did not try to warn.
   She left and I kept going. No, that could not be true, because much as I have heard something related to Allucard Countess it could not be true. It made no sense. I had to find Vincent.