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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

♕ masked aristocrat

  The seventeenth Bridget Bellmont's birthday, daughter of a noble family from the south of a small country was about to arrive. It seemed just another year that passed, but for her it was the most important of all: it would be the first bale masks she would throughout her life. Bridget was not a girl who cared about parties, however she knew all the high society would be there and would watch in every detail: from the party to the girl's behavior towards all guests. Until then it was not really a problem, however, Bridget could not dance very well.
- You'll be fine, do not worry about it.
   Her mother was not exactly a consolation goal and no good mention this to her father, so Bridget would have to learn by herself, since it would not have any tutor to help her. For hours she practiced looking at the mirror, but she really did not know if she was having some progress. The only thing she had left was to train and hope that she had learned.

   Finally the big prom night arrived. Her parents only care about appearances before the guests of the aristocracy that arrived punctually at seven o'clock in the evening. That left Bridget with chills, for all that went seemed critical and severe; even if they were wearing masks.
   All begin with a dinner. It was the first time she saw the huge table full dining room. The aristocrats looked subtle and critically to her movements, which was not something really encouraging. However, the worst was still feel the eyes of her parents nailed her every second.
- Thank you for attending the birthday of our daughter Bridget. Please follow us to the main hall.
   Bridget sighed quietly relief as she watched the guests leave to the main hall where the dance would begin. As she watched the face by face, one of the guests who was leaving last looked long at her, but he said nothing. The girl was curious, though she had to worry about the waltz that was to follow where she had to dance with her father in front of all those people before everyone forget that it existed.
   When she arrived, the music started playing and her father was at the door of the hall waiting for her. Bridget swallowed and tried her best not to make any mistakes. Her father did not seem to care about her situation and ended the waltz as he realized she was about to make a mistake.
- Do not you dare to dance with anyone else, do you hear? Go to your room, your appearance here was enough.
- Yes, sir.
   Bridget was leaving, trying to hide the disappointment to hear what her father said, however she feels a hand on her shoulder.
- Miss Bellmont?
   She nodded, afraid.
- Could Miss give me the honor of this dance?
   It was exactly what she didn't want to hear and what her father told her not to do, however, the hazel eyes that were clearly visible sweetly sparkled at her waiting for an answer.
- I ... Well ... It's just ...
- It's okay if you do not, my lady, it will not hurt me.
- Is not that ... Is that ...
   The boy waited with great patience.
- I do not know how to dance.
   For a moment, Bridget thought he would move away and start laughing, but he smiled a little and pulled her gently to the balcony where there was no one.
- If my lady willing, I could teach it.
- I ... I do not know how to thank.
   He smiled a gentle way again.
- Milady is lovely when flushed, if I may say.
   This caused her to be even more flushed. She knew that it was not only warmth, but an attempt to be a friend.
- Excuse me, my lady.
   She only woke up when she felt the boy holding her waist respectfully.
- Please do not need to call me "milady".
- So how should I call you?
- Only Bridget, please.
- All right, Bridget. - He looked at her feet for a moment - yousaid you did not know how to dance, but I see that you're dancing very well.
- I ... well ... I'm not feeling quite so nervous. I think I trust you.
- It is an honor.
- What your name?
- I'm Vincent. Vincent Baskerville. - He looked into her eyes, realizing a possible question - I'm two years older than Miss.
- I'd like to see your face.
- I also would like this honor, however, we are in a masquerade.
- How long will you stay?
- Even when the lady want me to stay. May I ask why?
   Bridget looked away, however replied.
- I think I like you.
- Forgive me, I did not understand.
   She joined the seals could to look into his eyes.
- It may seem silly, but I think I like you. Sorry about that.
   Vincent looked deep into her eyes and removed his mask. Bridget had seen the bright hazel eyes and the copper hair, but now she could see the whole face of it everything was different: it was as if he were a living sculpture, because the features were perfect and he was really beautiful . As she looked at him, the boy approached and placed a soft kiss on her lips.
- I should be sorry for this, Miss. However, it is also what I feel.
   The guests were beginning to leave when Bridget realizes that should not be there for so long. Vincent realized her concern and allowed her to leave.
- I'll see you again, my beloved Bridget, I promise.
   The girl quickly went toward the exit, but could not resist looking back one last time. However, Vincent was no longer there. For a moment, she thought the promise he had made and the kiss he had given. Were they really true?