Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 2, 2015


- And what will you do? Will you to shoot me?
- Maybe. - Leigh playing with the gun, but without taking fire from Stanford in match any moment.
- I do not doubt your ability, but you are who would be arrested for killing me.
- Who would know it was me? I can disable and destroy the images of this moment in the cameras and robots and no one would ever find out who I was.
- Your digital would be in arms.
- Hybrids do not have digital. The only thing that identifies us is the numbering on the processor. However, would not have the same grace than to see you be sentenced on national television.
   Stanford drew a waist gun and pointed at David.
- Try to do something and that scientist dies.
- You're nothing but a coward. We can play it until the true national officials arrive.
- They called the agents?
- Of course. After all you were planning a war.
   Stanford growled. He could escape, however Leigh could control the company's equipment and prevent you from doing so. He could shoot him, but Dylan would surely interfere. What to do?
- You are trapped, Stanford. Why give up not just that?
- Because I still have the DNA sample with me.
- But it's my DNA.
- It does not matter, it is enough for a try. However, until the Alpha 1 project would be enough.
   Stanford paused. Could not be the end. He even said he had a DNA sample and thus would not be worth giving up.
- Beta 3, hear me, I know I was not a father you needed, however, all I'm doing is for you. During this time I was performing tests and accumulating most of the profits to get better parts for you, pieces that could exceed the performance of Alpha 20.
- You lie. You never told me that my base was actually the Alpha 15 project. You always treated me like a slave and is now trying to convince me to get rid and despise me again. If not for Edward and David I would already be disabled.
   Leigh approached increasingly firm with the gun in hand and without hesitation set the trigger. Dylan watched, feeling the loyalty of remnant within it speak up despite all the lies that Stanford had counted so far.
- Do Not!
   The shot hit one of the robotic soldiers and the gun was away.
- What are you doing, you idiot?
- I'm sorry, but I can not let you kill him.
   Stanford smiled. Even if Dylan did not, obedience and loyalty would be on his hard drive.
- See? He will never allow you hurt me.
- Buster.
   Leigh disabled the Dylan's CPU briefly and pointed the gun at Stanford again.
- What were you saying?
   A bead of sweat ran down Stanford's forehead. He could not do much now. Leigh was dangerous with a gun in his hands.
- The Holly would say now?
- Do not say her name, damn.
- She created you to be a peaceful human with skills that should be used only for protection. However, you are showing a real threat.
- Shut up. At least is I who will be executed when the agents get here. You can not run, can not shoot and their arguments are too fake. Admit it, is its end.
   The noise of the agents' sirens was closer than Stanford imagined. Dylan was on the ground, with the processor off and that was not a point in his favor. Even though he commanded all the company's guards, Leigh would disable one by one until you can get their hands on it. In addition, Edward and David were there to help. He looked at the sample of Dylan's DNA while the sound of sirens grew louder.
- And then? What will you do now? Will give up or would you rather die?
- I'll fix all of you alone.
   Stanford took the syringe with the sample and injected himself with all the content that was there. At the same time he began to feel the body burn, as if he were turning into ashes.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Since I will not be able to put my plan into practice, at least I will have tested my idea.
   Dylan was getting up, but did not fail to hear what Stanford said. It was crazy, that he knew it. No human that did not have robotic parts within itself could be destroyed completely.
   Anyway, Stanford seemed not to care. He felt stronger and faster and in a blink of an eye, Leigh was being suffocated.
- How is being destroyed by its own technology?
- How is being disintegrated by the negligence while agents are entering?
- What?
   The first armed officers were beginning to join the firm.
- Release the boy and we will not use force.
   Stanford played Leigh against the wall and advanced on the agents. As they were shooting, it seemed that he did not feel any pain. Even with a lower proejto, his idea would have worked and could still be realized when he finished with all that.
- Dylan, you can end this.
- Yes I know. But I do not know if I'm ready for it.
- Leigh can intercept the signal of nanochips DNA while you disable them.
- But why Leigh can not do that?
- Because the DNA is yours and you are connected by hook or by crook.
   Dylan saw that Stanford was shooting guards against the wall as if they were toys.
- You will not do anything? Now it's too late to get scared!
   Stanford began to cough up blood and fell on his knees.
- Damn! What are they doing? You will pay dearly for it!
   The remaining agents handcuffed him, though it was not necessary. Dylan finally turned off his DNA.
- He did not need an army of hybrids. Only his greed was able to do everything.