Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

♕ II - this is not the end

  This was the third dream in the week, but never was as crazy as this. It was as if I was there, as if I knew exactly how it would end. And that girl ... it was like I was seeing me three years ago, but with another name. Well, it does not matter. At least for me.
- Bryanna, is already awake?
   This is my mother. She is a psychologist about fifteen years and so she says I should not worry about the dreams I'm having. However, I admit that, as much as I do not want to, it was making me a little worried.
- Your father asked you to be help you today.
   I sat on the kitchen counter while my mother finished pack coffee.
- What happened? Another dream of those?
- Yeah. And that was the strangest of all.
- I already told you not to worry about it. It will soon disappear.
- This is worrying. There is a little dream, must have something greater hidden behind it.
   My mother did not immediately respond.
- If you're so concerned, why not get distracted a little? I'll tell your father that today you can not help him.
- You do not believe me, do you?
- I'm not saying it, but you are so close to everything related to the Victorian
and classic style  that it is impossible that you do not dream about something. Dreams are ...
- Interpretations of the desires that are stored in the subconscious as a kind of repressed desire to be impossible or difficult to happen.
- Thank you for I did not need to repeat.
   I sighed. Even she cares about it. It's okay if this had happened the first time, however it already was repeated two more times in a row. I took my coat on the couch and left without even have breakfast .
- Bryanna! Bryanna, come back here now! Are you hearing me?
   I know it's no way to act with his mother, but I knew I needed help I could not find any way home. I put on my coat and closed the door behind me.