Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, January 12, 2015

♕ VIII - scars

  I could not find anything. No diary, no newspaper with some report suspected and any object out of the ordinary. It was as if Vincent knew that and had simply dropped everything so I would never found out his secret and I admit that it makes me a little frustrated. The servants did not care about the fact that I walk from one side to the other in the mansion looking for information. Even Vincent seemed to care about that, because every time I crossed with him in the hallways, he smiled fondly at me and it became a consolation.
   I really did not know what to do. I was there for three days and there was absolutely nothing, so I decided to go to the office, where Vincent was staring through the window.
- What is it, honey?
- It's nothing, just do not know what to do or where to look.
- You'll find something, I know that. - He kissed my forehead - However, you will not find the rest of the way you think. You need to dream to find the reality you want.
- Dreams are not real.
- Yes, dreams are real. The reality is a dream.
   I never stopped to think so. Perhaps Vincent was right. I should get something that was beyond the levels of reality.
- I should not do that, but I will help you. Come with me.
   He led me to his room and turned his back to me.
- Vincent?
- Wait a minute.
   So he took off his shirt I could see two scars ranging from one extreme to another on his back. Involuntarily, I touched them. It had slight relief, which made me feel a shiver, as if he had suffered with those scars.
- Does it hurt?
- No, my love. They have been around for a long time, do not worry.
- How did it happen?
- Let's say my brother did something wrong and I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's all right. - He hugged me gently for a long time - consider this as a clue to find out what I really am. Unfortunately, I can not do anything to help you.
- Vincent, do the servants know about it?
- Only the oldest. Do you want to ask them?
- Yup.
- So go, do not hesitate to seek me if you need.
   I left the room and walked through the house, looking for a face that could tell me what happened between Vincent and his brother.
- You seem worried. Can I help you?
   He was a servant who should apparently know everything.
- In fact I look for someone who could explain better about what happened between Vincent and his brother, because he showed me deep scars on his back.
   The man scratched his chin thoughtfully.
- I should not talk about it, but apparently Mr. Vincent has already mentioned something about it, am I right?
- Yes, he allowed me to ask.
- Please follow me.
   I followed him to the old Ethan Baskerville's room, where I had not found absolutely nothing that could help before. However, the man pulled out a notebook under the pillow, where I had not sought.
- This is the Mr. Ethan's favorite book and the beginning of everything. - He gave the book to me - Before you open, please listen to what I know about this history.
   I sat in a chair and he in another not so far from me.
- Mr. Ethan and Mr. Vincent were always differents and so they rarely made some activity together. Anyway, their relationship was peaceful, but you could not say the same of the relationship between the parents of them, the duke Raphael and Mr. Ethan. They rarely understood each other and always when they began to talk ended in a terrible argument. Mr. Ethan always promised to put an end to his father, and when would finally do it, Mr. Vincent appeared after a horseback riding and even if Mr. Raphael has really died, Mr. Ethan also ended up condemning his twin brother. - He got up - I'm sorry, but that's all I know. I supposed Mr. Vincent can know anything else that I do not know.
   I held the book and I was staring at it. Should I read it now or should have Vincent's company first? Bridget advised me to go to be with Vincent, as even she felt well with the presence of that book.
   I returned to the office, but Vincent was not there, so I knocked on his door and he answered quickly.
- You do not need to knock. Come In.
   As soon as I entered he closed the door and his gaze landed on the book.
- Looks like you got important information. Can I help with anything?
- Yes, I knew your brother and your father did not get along and when Ethan would finally put an end to your father's life, you came to a horseback ride and ended up getting hit too.
- That's right. However, no one knew what he had done to me until we found this book by accident. I was the only addition to Ethan that saw the content and so I understood what I had become forever and what he craved so much.
   He motioned for me to sit on his bed. It was even softer than it was in my room.
   Vincent sat next to me, maybe even too close, but in a protective way, as if the contents of the book could hurt me.
- I'm immensely happy you came to me before reading the book.
- How do you know I have not read?
- The score remains where he put. No one has ever noticed this when he opened the book.
   I looked in the direction he pointed. The flag he was talking about was an extremely fine silk ribbon and the color of the page, making any intruder passed him unnoticed and was discovered. However, if Vincent was happy about it, so I was happy also for doing the right thing.
- You can open the book now.
   The moment I opened the book, I could feel the Vincent's right arm involving me and pulling me closer to him.