Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, January 19, 2015

♕ XIII - black wings

  We went home with Vincent always by my side. Bridget was completely impatient within my head that I had not talked to him during our tour, but I had other things to think about and he seemed to respect this perfectly.
   It was getting dark when we crossed the front door.
- Will you have dinner?
- I don't think so.
- I do not want you to be like that because of me.
- I'll be fine.
   He was silent for a few seconds, looking like he was going to say something. However, he only kissed my forehead and went to the dining room. I went upstairs and did not even changed clothes, just lay down on the bed and just falling asleep from fatigue.

   I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with a wing hit not far from Vincent's mansion. I looked at the clock. 3:30 am What kind of animal could make a fuss of those at this hour? The whole time I was there I never heard any noise like today. I went to the window and saw a winged creature with a pair of black wings. Immediately, I remembered the black feather that Ethan used to prepare that potion and I remembered the brands that had the back of Vincent.
   Vincent. Yes, that pair of black wings certainly did not belong to any creature, but belonged to him, of course. I jumped the balcony and ran as fast as I could to try to achieve him.
- Vincent! Vincent! Wait, please.
   He looked back and when he finally saw me, he stopped, but he said nothing at all, so I hurried to approach. He reached out right for me to catch up, however my vision started to get cloudy.
- Bridget ...
   I really do not know what happened next.

- It's all right now. I'm here with you.
   Was that a dream? I could not believe it. Everything seemed so ... real. I got up from bed, but my left wrist was hurting and bandaged.
- Vincent, what happened?
- Let's say I could hear you scream my name far and so I'm here now. Are you fine?
- I think so ... Vincent, would you say I'm crazy because I dreamed that you had wings?
- Of course not. I would never say something like it. The reality is a dream, I've said it before for you.
   He pulled me closer and as soon as I put my head on his shoulder, I saw a pair of black wings involving me carefully, like a soft and velvety blanket.
- So what I saw ... was real?
- Yes. You were weak when started running towards me and I saw that your wrist was hurt. You jumped the window, didn't you?
   I nodded, but I was not worried about the scolding he would give me. The simple fact of being involved in his wings was made I forget everything.
- You're not listening to me, right?
   I got scared when I felt him breathing extremely close to my face and his lips touching mine seconds later.
- Can I have your attention now? - He smiled sweetly at me.
- I think so.
- You do not need more proof, right? You saw what you needed.
- I know what you are now. And this time I am absolutely sure.