Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 9, 2015

♕ VII - i am not the man you think i am

- Vincent, why can not you tell me?
- It is something that you really do not wanna know. Also, I do not want you to go away from me because of an error that my brother committed.
   It was making me uneasy, for surely Vincent would not say absolutely nothing about the "darkees side" of him. However, he said I was free to investigate. Maybe he had nothing to hide and everything that was much idea of my head as Bridget's head, but he certainly had something to hide.
- Vincent, you said I was free to investigate, is not it?
- Yes. Consider this mansion as your home. You have free access to all without restriction. I will say to employees to leave you free to come and go wherever, whenever.
- Thanks, but what about my parents?
- Do not worry. I will keep you here until you find out what I am. No one will know you are here and no one knows where this mansion.
- Of course they know. I asked the same information to get here.
- You asked for information for a ghost, that does not count.
- A ghost? But she looked so ...
- Real?
   I nodded. As he knew her and how I managed to talk to a ghost?
- How do you know and how I managed to see it?
- I'm not the man you think I am. And you could see it because we are connected from that ball. - He touched my lips with his fingertips.
- This means that people who have no connection with you can not see it?
- That's right. For those who can see it is difficult to differentiate an ordinary human of a ghost, however it is learned over time. Even if your parents or any servant of his mansion try to search my house, there is not a house near here. Furthermore, we are at the end of the forest and no one besides you have gone through the densest part of it.
- I hope you're right.
- I'm always right. - He smiled sweetly - Meanwhile, my house is your house. All the servants are at your disposal and all rooms can be explored.
- How about you?
- I'll be in the mansion, however I always spend most of the day in the office, but you can go there whenever you want.
   My stomach made a noise that made me feel ashamed.
- I wonder how long you were walking through that forest without eating anything. Come, I will ask for them to do something for you.
   Vincent led me to the kitchen and one of the employees prepared a quick lunch for me. He stood there, waiting patiently while I finished my meal.
- You look tired. I will ask that provide your bathroom with towels and clothes for you.
- You have saved women's clothes here?
- Is likely. My brother's wives brought all kinds of clothing. Even after their death, I believe that there are still clothes in good condition.
   Vincent's House was better than the Bridget's mansion at all: the servants were more gentle, the food tasted better, the bath was nicer and even the bed was more comfortable. Maybe it was because I was feeling safe and truly welcomed me here and I really did not mind slow to discover the secret of Vincent.
- If you need anything, do not hesitate to call me.
- OK.
   Vincent covered me and then closed the door behind him when he left. Inside me, Bridget felt happier than ever to be there so that not even his secret mattered most, however, even if I am feeling good here, I wanted to go home.