Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, January 1, 2015


  It was clear that neither hybrid was holding on to stay that way. However, Leigh had lost the fear of being punished for some time and went on to use all strengths and skills to be able to find the camera that was hidden or cause Dylan discovered where the object was located.
- Give it up, Alpha 20. Not even I know where this camera is hidden. Also, you're stuck there for a week, it is clear that Stanford will put an end to your life soon.
- This is a great consolation, Beta 3.
- If you need others like it, just tell me.
- Beta 3.
   Stanford was in the room door where Dylan was.
- You can leave your post. It seems that Edward and David are not willing to do absolutely anything about Alpha 20's life. I will start to do everything today and you will accompany me.
- Yes, sir.
   Leigh has not created any resistance while Dylan took him to the lab where Stanford would withdraw his DNA and would shut down him forever. The boy lay peacefully on the bed and closed his eyes as Dylan tied him on the operating table. Stanford was ready and soon to finally extract the DNA of the boy. That was too easy, he thought, maybe Holly has been overestimated, her work was not so good.
- I thought you would disable me.
- Why are you in such a hurry, boy?
- Maybe because I'm tired of looking at this your ugly face?
   Stanford pretended not to hear and handed the sample to Dylan.
- Let's kill him now.
   The alarm went off.
- Do not let him escape. - Is what Stanford said before leaving.

- I thought you had given up.
- Yes, we're just here to congratulate you for success. Looks like you finally got what you wanted.
- What does that mean? Tell soon, I have no time to lose.
- You do not know anything, do you?
- I do not know what?
   Stanford looked back and saw that Leigh was free. He looked at Dylan and his eyes were overflowing the deepest hatred.
- What did I tell you, you useless hybrid! You can not really good for nothing! I think I'll turn off you too! Do something now!
- You have no authority to speak to me in this tone, did you know?
- What you are saying, your useless machine? I will schedule full compliance on you when this is over.
- No you will not.
- Beta 3, I will not waste my time arguing with you.
- Beta 3 was never my name.
   Stanford gave a wry laugh.
- It seems that your pieces are presenting defect ahead of time.
- No, they are perfect.
- If Beta 3 was never your real name, so what's your real name?
   Stanford lost skeptical expression when he saw Dylan's image slowly changing for him to follow all powerless to doubt anything he was seeing.
- My name is Leigh Michaelis.
- Can not be, then it means that whoever was in that cell was actually ...
- Yes, sir. Leigh turned off my processor and took my seat without any camera or robot realized.
   Stanford growled.
- You're a traitor! This means that the DNA that I drew was yours?
- Exactly. What's the surprise? Do not you recognize your own work? My mother would never let such an important thing unprotected and within easy reach. - Leigh pointed the gun at him. - You only have this chance to give up before I use the force.