Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

♕ IV - is this a dream ?

  Where had come that voice? I do not know. Probably from my head, which was starting to hurt at that moment. My legs did not have the strength to run and I could hear Vincent behind me insistently with no trace of tiredness, unlike me. Maybe it was because my last meal was yesterday's dinner and it forced me to stop.
- Bridget, why are you doing this? You're making me worried.
- Because I want to be around you, Vincent. After that dance you were the only person who made me feel safe so far. I thought I would not see you anymore and so I decided to run away.
   What was I doing? I did not mean any of it and I was not even thinking about any of that, none of the feelings that came out of my mouth were mine. Why was it happening to me?
- I promised that we would see each other again, remember? You need not have done so. Let's go home now, okay? I promise that I will be in your room when it's time for you to go to sleep.
   You are stuck in my life now. That's what the voice in my head had said. But what was that? How did this happen suddenly? Was it for all this happen for real? Anyway, I was tired, hungry and the time said that soon going to rain, so it would be better to spend the rest of the day and night somewhere, tomorrow I try to go home if I could convince Vincent Baskerville that true Bridget was not me, that would be impossible.
- OK. - I said finally.
   I let Vincent take me to a stately mansion, which looked more like a castle, and saw the same woman before talking to a man who did not seem very happy, especially when he saw me.
- Lord Bellmont, I invited her for a walk with me and she got lost me, I hope you do not be angry with her, it was my fault for not taking care of her.
- I do not remember your ask it, duke Baskerville.
- I just inviting her personally, sorry about that.
   The man who should be my father stared at me and Vincent before smiling a smile that I knew to be completely forced.
- It's all right, sir Baskerville. No hard feelings.
- Please, do not punish her, I know she was very polite to say no to a person.
- Do not worry, Mr. Baskerville. I only will talk to her.
   Something told me that Vincent was completely worried about what would happen to me.
- Please, sir, don not punish her. Bridget is too sweet to receive any punishment, please, sir Bellmont.
- Lord Baskerville, why are you so worried about her?
- I think I'm feeling guilty for having caused so many problems to you and to everyone.
   Sir Bellmont looked at me for some time and his expression seemed to soften. Vincent patted my back and discreet gently before leaving. He really seemed worried about leaving me alone.
- Come In. - His voice was harsh, but I had no choice.
   As soon as I entered the mansion the front door slammed and I saw Mrs. Bellmont up the stairs without looking back.
- What you did was not pretty, young lady.
- I'm really sorry.
- I should punish you severely, but because of the concern of Mr. Baskerville, will be more compassionate.
   That did not inspire me a lot of confidence, especially when he took the belt off and folded it in half.
- Please.
- It's too late for that.
   A stroke made my face throbbing, however, he did not seem satisfied. He hit me in my arms and twice in the back so that when he finished, I thought I could not go up the stairs to my room.
- You will dine in your room. Do not want to see your face on the table.
- Yes, sir.
   I went up and there was a servant preparing my bath, but when she saw the marks on my face, she left me alone and I admit it was the most painful thing in my life, but it was not bleeding, fortunately. My dinner arrived some time later and I had to eat under the eyes of a servant for him to take the tray away. It started to rain and then I went to brush my teeth and comb my hair when I hear footsteps on the balcony of the room.
- Vincent.
- I promised I would ... - he ended up not talking when he looked at my face and my arms - Now I understand why you do not want to go back; I asked so much so that he did not do any harm on you.
- I'm fine, though he said he would not do worse because of your request.
- He hurt you, and that's all that matters to me, even after I have asked too much ...
   I thought I saw some tears into his eyes for a moment, but I had not really sure.
- Vincent?
- I'm so sorry. I still can not believe what he did it.
- I'll be fine, it can heal in a few days.
   He did not answer. Vincent was too preoccupied with my injuries and touched them gently, as if that could cure them. Even though they had no effect, it seemed that Vincent was absorbing all the pain I felt.
- I'm sorry for making you worry so much, Vincent.
- Let's not talk about it, okay? I'm here to see you.
   I just yawning unintentionally as he touched my wounds, which made him smile.
  - Come here, I think you went through too much suffering.
   The open his arms were enough to make something inside me was attracted to him. As much as I did not want to admit it, I understand why Bridget fell in love with him.
- Do not worry about anything, okay? Just rest, I'll be here.
   It did not take long for sleep began to dominate me.
- I hope you have the sweetest dreams than those who had until now.