Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, January 26, 2015


  Leigh was silent in the car all the time. Nothing that David could say was able to get him to say something. If what Edward said was true, then he should move away the most of everything, so that he could do no harm to anyone. He still felt tired, as if he had not slept for days and days.
- Leigh, I'm here to talk, you can trust me.
- My mother knew that?
- I'm sure not. She entered this virus on you for a last attempt to protection, but she had not tested yet.
- Edward can not create an antivirus and remove it?
- This is not a common virus, Leigh. No one who was affected by it got rid completely. Dylan still has that virus in quarantine, but there is no vaccine for it yet. Edward said he will try to do something, but I do not think that will happen.
   He got out and went to the room without another word. Leigh took a cable and connected the laptop to try to find something in Holly's database, however he found nothing that could talk  about the virus. Maybe it was a last minute measure so she could be sure of any Stanford's attempt to access all the data that was on it. Anyone affected by it was not  managed to recover, that's what David said, so this meant that he no doubt would have no recovery. Thus, what good if he was locked in his room? One way or another, the virus would take over and he would wounding David and that wasnot  something he really wanted.
   Leigh opened the bedroom door slowly. Everything was silent, indicating that certainly David was sleeping at the moment. The boy returned to his room and changed his clothes, leaving the more subtle way he managed to get up in the living room, where he took his leather jacket that was on the couch and went out the front door. He could not just sitting waiting while David and Edward worked trying to find a solution to his problem.

- Leigh?
- Is Edward here?
- No, he went out.
- Great. - He went without Dylan and was allowed to Edward lab.
   Dylan followed Leigh and saw him enter impatiently and with great agility, as if he were looking for something without being discovered. Finally, a sheet exits, and the boy reads quickly before folding the paper and keep it in his jacket pocket.
- What will you do with it?
- Do not tell anyone I was here, understood?
- But ...
- Do not tell anyone, I have my reasons.
- Okay, okay. - Dylan felt defeated by the insistence of the boy.
   Leigh nodded and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Dylan could not understand clearly what just happened there, but he felt compassion of another boy.

   The boy walked the streets, thinking of the report was on Edward's computer. He was determined not to return home until a solution. He stopped suddenly. What kind of solution? He'd be out there looking for a solution that would never have? Sooner or later, David realize he was not there and would start looking for him. It does not matter, he thought, but he had to try.
   It started to get dark, but he would not come home. Maybe sometime David was already crazy looking for him. Anyway, he was determined not to return without an answer. Realizing that he was very close to his home, Leigh turned around and headed further away from his house and could mainly from Edward's house.