Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, January 5, 2015

♕ III - another world

  I looked around and I didn't find more streets or sidewalks, or the other houses, all I could see were numerous tall trees and gray clouds creeping lazily across the sky. Some birds flew quickly by, however I did not know recognize what kind they were. Anyway, I continued walking until I find a kind of lake where I could see my reflection: I was still the same, my hair was still red and my brown eyes, but my clothes were not the same as always, but a dark green dress, almost blue and shoes of the same color on my feet. What was happening?
   I saw a shadow pass rushing through the trees and I ran to try to reach it, however, it seems that the more they heard my steps, the slower it went.
- What were you thinking?
- What?
- Do not be a fool, your father will be angry when we return.
- Who are you? Where am I?
- Do not be a silly girl, this will only make things worse.
- But ...
- Come on.
   What was happening there? I've never seen the woman in my life, however, she seems to know me very well by the way and she is very well dressed by the way, showing that she must be one of the highest aristocracy. However, I would not let myself be dragged by anyone who was around and managed to get rid of it.
- Get back here now! What do you think you're doing?
   She continued to scream, but I had no time to stop and listen, otherwise I would be captured and could not resist again. I kept running until my legs start to hurt and it was then that I sat near a tree. My breath was panting and I did not know how to get home. This was starting to scare me. Anyway, nobody was chasing me and it was kind of good news.
- What are you doing here at this hour?
   I think I spoke too soon. Anyway, that voice was very familiar to me, I just could not remember where. The stranger reached down to stand in front of me. That face, I've seen him before.
- Vincent. - You name it just jumped out of my mouth without my noticing.
- It is dangerous to stay in the forest at this time, why are not you at home?
- I do not know. I was at home and suddenly I got here. Where am I? How do I get back home? Please help me, I'm lost.
   He gave a warm smile and sat down beside me.
- You do not look well, my beloved, why do you say that?
- Why can not anybody believe me?
- Because everyone knows you - He put his lips to my forehead - I'll take you home, okay?
- That mansion is not my home.
- What's going on, my love?
- I do not know you, I do not know where I am and nobody believes me ... I will find the way to my home by myself.
   He held my hand and kissed me softly and gently.
- Please calm down. I've never seen you like this.
- Vincent, listen, I'm not the one who should be kissed by you. The person you are looking for is Bridget Bellmont and not me. My name is Bryanna Shane.
   He was silent and hugged me tenderly.
- Let's go home. You'll be fine, I promise, just trust me.
- I can not trust anyone, sorry.
   I disengaged from his embrace and turned to run. What was happening there? Why they thought I was Bridget Bellmont? This can only be a mistake.

You're stuck in another world. You are stuck in my life.