Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

20- Final Battle

 Eager, Sesshomaru used Tenseiga sword attack, called Meido Zangetsuha (Lunar Waves of Darkness) to go to the Meido Kiara, where he was also Yoshiaki, ready to attack the girl, who was motionless, not demonstrate any movement of defense.
   Seeing that his wife would be attacked, the demon cried out in despair, causing the girl would turn back and see him, apprehensive, the entrance to the Meido.
 - Sesshoumaru? - She asked, surprised.

 - Yes, dear, I'm here and I will not leave until you do not win Yoshiaki and leave this place, let's go together.
 - But it is impossible to Tenseiga can not revive me, one way or another, I'll stay here.
 - I believe you will win and go back to the human world to me.
   It brought doubts to Kiara, at that time, she wanted to fight and return, but had decided to quit and stay there forever. What would she do? She did not know, but the blue glow of Tenseiga made her believe she could return and, therefore, chose to fight. With nodachi hands and seeing the presence of the spirit of her mother, showed all the power she had at that time, making the fight with faith and courage.
   Yoshiaki left badly injured, but the girl did not come out in good condition, however, seeing that the enemy had fallen on the floor, she decided to return towards Sesshoumaru, who reached out to her, but something prevented them from returning, because he realized that was arrested by the last spell of Yoshiaki, who stood up and said to the demon with a smile of satisfaction:
 - You can never save her, Sesshomaru! My charm to keep stuck here with me and nothing can save it, not even his sword Tenseiga.
   The boy did not listen to what the enemy had said, and entered the world of the dead and walked over to his wife, but a sacred energy barrier prevented him from playing the girl who was being held hostage. Failed attempts, he used all his weapons to try to cut the barrier, but to no avail, because the energy barrier that was made with powers of a high priestess: Shimiku and only she could undo it.
 - Kiara, you can! Shimiku spent all her powers to you, then you can break this barrier!
 - No, I can not, only my mother can, she took absolute power to her and said if I were worthy I would receive it.
   The Tenseiga vibrated at that moment, for he had the presence of someone else there who could clearly see Kiara.
 - Do not worry - the girl said - it's just my mother.
   The demon looked at his wife and had an idea:
 - If Shimiku is here, she can take this barrier!
 - That if she were alive.
   Sesshomaru used to revive the Tenseiga briefly Shimiku who delivered her daughter passed the barrier and the absolute power to Kiara, who returned with the boy into the world of the living, but not for long, since that day, the poison was doing Kabawashi Indeed, allowing the girl a few minutes of life.
 - Kiara, my princess, I'll always love you, always.
 - I'll never forget you, my love, no matter where I am, I always look for you and for our children, especially for our Nishihara ... I love you, my prince.
 - I love you, my queen, everything about me has changed thanks to you ...
  Before the girl died,  Sesshomaru kissed one last time Kiara and could hear her final breath.

   It was a sad news for all the kingdom, even to the family castle.

   Sesshomaru did not dare to bury his wife, then he asked Kagome Kiara embalming and placed in a coffin of crystal and gold in the corner of the garden that the girl liked best.