Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

13- War of Five Days

After leaving the castle Inuyasha Sesshomaru happens a war between the Demons Demons cats and dogs, who were vying for territory in the Southeast with the demon, who had to leave the castle and the kingdom for five days, causing the government to take over Kiara in place of Sesshoumaru, attracting several Demons to the castle, for they knew that since Kiara was alone and without the protection of her husband, it would be easy to assume the government of the kingdom. Even Inu no Taishou was trying to convince that Kiara waiting for Sesshoumaru would be foolish.
   But the girl did not accept the idea of marrying again and waited for Sesshomaru during the five days, always getting letters written by him.
"My Princess Kiara,

   I have many memories of you and our children and hope to return home soon. Here everything is fine, but the battle is not easy, the cats are stronger, but we are quickly gaining territory.
   I know you must be waiting for my return today, but unfortunately I have to get away from home for three days, I'm sorry.
   I hope all is well out there and my parents are not doing your head for you to marry another man.

                                                 Love you much,
                                                    with love,
                                                        Sesshomaru. "

   Even though Sesshomaru was alive, and Inu no Taishou Inukimi got ready Kiara choose candidates for all days, until, after three days, they bring to the castle an unwanted suitor ... It would be real or hallucination? Was it even Sephirot?