Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

21- Kaze no Kizu

 - Jaken, you're out there?
 - Yes, Miss Kiara, like anything?
 - Please, tell Sesshoumaru everything is happening, so it may take alternative measures to get out of the dungeon.
 - Right now, Miss, excuse me.
  Quickly, Jaken came down to the dungeon and reported the whole matter to Sesshoumaru, who delivered a letter to the servant and said:
 - Send this to InuYasha as soon as possible.
 - Yes, sir Sesshoumaru immediately.

  At the same time, the servant of the demon send the message to the brother Sesshomaru, InuYasha, who had great difficulty in entering the castle, for there were several guards around the kingdom, which was obscured by a big black cloud. "This place is destroyed, if Sesshoumaru could not resume soon, all will die here." Inuyasha thought as he drove to the castle.
  When I finally got in, Jaken led him to the dungeon, where there were no guards.
 - Did it take!
 - Stop being so rude, Sesshomaru! Besides I stick my neck to come save you, yet you criticize?
 - Okay, I'm sorry, but get me out of here!
  Inuyasha scratched his chin thoughtfully:
 - But which way I'll take you there?
 - The answer is on your side.
 - Where? - InuYasha looked euphoric.
 "I myself was better to turn to get out of here ..." Sesshomaru thought, with one hand on the forehead.

 - InuYasha, look around your waist and then tell me whether there is a way you open this door.
 - Ah! Sure! How could I forget the Tetsusaiga!
 - Great, now just open that door!
 - Kaze no Kizu! (Wind Scar)

  Soon the door opened and Sesshomaru got out, taking possession of Bakusaiga and going to the room where Kiara was arrested.
 - Sesshoumaru! I knew you could get out!
 - I'm happy to see you, my princess, but have little time to get out of here. All our children have been, there are only two of us.
 - Right!

 However, when they were leaving, were caught by surprise, another person had invaded the kingdom and was preparing to fire at the castle ... Will they get away?