Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

20- Estrategy

 Soon, the couple put the plan into practice faking a fight to attract the attention of the guards. Fortunately, at that time, Sephiroth was carrying a family of aldeõespara the dungeon, but, listening to the discussion of Kiara and Sesshomaru, he went to the cell to separate the two.

 - What's going on here?
 - Sephiroth, I can not stand this girl! Take her out of here immediately!
 - Great, Sesshoumaru, to say that now I do not siro more for you? Since it is so, so from now I'll spend every second of my life hereafter Sephiroth, but of course if he wants.
 - You are trying to make me jealous or is trying to find another man who can support you? I hope you have a Sephiroth earplugs to not hear your complaints. - Sesshoumaru said, smiling cynically.
 - Come, I'm glad that you've changed your mind, what I'm seeing, you really did not love her, Sesshoumaru, and now she will be very happy with me.

  That same night, the girl took her to the demon some amount of food, telling him that she had not found the keys to the dungeon, but do everything possible to free it from there.
  But when she returned to her room, Sephiroth was waiting for her.
 - Where were you?
 - I. .. I was drinking a glass of water.
 - I hope you're telling me the truth.
 - I would never lie to you.
  He then kissed Kiara, who trembled with fear and revulsion. "How could I be so stupid to agree with this ridiculous plan?" she thought as he tried to get rid of Sephiroth.
 - Why are you shaking so?
 - I'm cold, that's all.
 - Then, close the window and sleep, tomorrow the whole kingdom should know that you're back to the position of queen ... Oh and one more thing: you're not allowed to descend into the dungeon, you know?
 - Why? Did I do something wrong?
 - I know that you're taking food to the prisoners there, against my orders.
 - I promise I will not do it again, trust me.

 Sephiroth got angry and said, leaving the room and locked the doors and windows:
 - You will stay here from now on, if you want something, Jaken will be available to the sa.
 - That's not fair! Sephiroth! Sephiroth! I have not finished talking!
 - But now I'm not gonna waste my time sleeping with this ridiculous discussion.