Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 9, 2012

09- Imortal Love

 The next morning, Kiara was home to ancient Kaede give an answer about the potion that she would take.
 - And then, my dear, what you decided?
 - Kaede, I accept to be a youkai, Sesshoumaru and I talked last night and he approves of my transformation.
 - Do you really want that? Once you take the potion, the transformation can not be undone, you do not want another day to think?
 - No, I appreciate your kindness, but my decision is made and I will not go back.
 - All right, then go back home and take the potion before sleeping then Sesshoumar should give a little poison him and you should mix this poison potion, which will own the color blue, then you can drink in next day you'll wake up as a demon.
 - Thank you, Kaede, I am very happy to finally be able to achieve my greatest desire.
  Kaede looked at his watch and pushed the girl out, saying, euphoric:
 - Hurry! Not perceived time! You should ask the Youki of Sesshoumaru at the exact time when he wakes up, but the potion will not work.
 - Oh, yeah, so I'm going, I might come before he wakes up.
 - Then go!
  Kiara did not hesitate and ran back to the castle of her husband arrived on time and that the demon would wake up. Arriving at the room, she kissed in the good-Sesshomaru and told him about her transformation into youkai.
 - If my Youki is that you need, then I'll give my Youki for you, my princess.
 - Wait a minute, Kaede said it was necessary their poison and not his Youki.
  The demon laughed and kissed my wife and said:
 - Princess My little fool, Youki is the same as poison and poison is the essence of the Demons full.
 - I understood.
 - Then, take the bottle, I'll give to you my Youki.
   Kiara grabbed the bottle of potion while Sesshomaru let it drain the Youki, causing the red color of the potion is left of the blue, as Kaede had said.
 - Now just wait until bedtime.
 - Let's have breakfast, my princess, I'm starving.

   All day, the girl looked at the bottle that would transform it into a full youkai forever and was eager to take it.

  Until, finally, the night before the couple arrived and lie down, Kiara took the potion and slept quietly, maybe she slept even more than you should, but the potion was apparent results in the girl's face: a red star appeared on the forehead it; two bruises appeared on each side of her face and in her arms.
  While she slept, the Sesshoumaru comtemplava passionately, touching every brand and every detail of youkai that Kiara had adiquirido Youki because of it.
 - Good morning, my princess youkai. - He said, smiling.
 - Good day my prince ... So, I mean it worked?
 - Yes my princess, you now is the most beautiful youkai around the world, nothing has changed in you: your smell remains the same, your voice, everything remains the same and you will be my eternal wife, for all eternity.