Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

19- Prisioners

 - Do you will have plenty to talk in the dungeon ... While I was thinking to give you a second chance, honey Kiara.
  - Never! I prefer to be sentenced to the gallows!
  - Fine, then I think you'll love their new accommodations in the dungeon of the castle along with your husband ... Now come here!
   Locked in the dungeon, Sesshomaru and Kiara were considering a plan to escape from there and take the kingdom back Inu Youkai
   But it was hard penasr without eating anything, because Sephiroth had ordered that no soldier or servant of the castle could take any food for them.
  - I know!
  - You know what?
  - You will tell Sephiroth that you want to be his wife and that you do not want me anymore as a husband.
  - How so? Sesshomaru, you're feeling good? During all these years you said would never let another man get hold of me and now you want me to give myself free and spontaneous will?
   The demon laughed and kissed the girl with love and tenderness, saying, en then, still holding his wife:
   - What's so funny, dear? You do not want me anymore, is it?
  - Do not talk nonsense, my princess, you're all that I want most in my life, and I still will not let any man get hold of you, ever.
  - Then why did you say that?
  - Because this is my plan, if you release Sephiroth, then it will be easier for me to escape ...
  - ... this because I'll be able to get the key in order to free you ... Good idea, my love.