Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

07- Youkai Complete

Terrified, Kiara stared out the window all the time, accompanying the wounded palm of Noriko in the castle, which was approaching fast and with a huge sword in her left hand and wearing a purple dress.
 - Kiara Arioto! Today will be the day you will pay for killing my father! You will also vanish and this time even the Tenseiga can revive you!
   Nishihara was about to jump out the window when the Kiara grabbed her arm.
 - No! Noriko to fight me, so I will not do you go, my daughter, stay here, please, I'm his breezy.
 - You promised to let me go and even when she got Yume told you because I would have to fight and you could not interfirir a single moment.
 - I know I promised you, but you have no ability to fight with his sword and I would never forgive me if you get hurt or die in my place, my little girl.
 - I will not disappoint you, Mom, I promise.
  Without waiting for answers from her mother, Nishihara leaped from the window into the garden, wearing a black overcoat and carrying a sword Owakizashi at the waist, even without intending to use it in combat.
  Noriko knew that girl was not Kiara, but even so, he attacked her rival with the powers of a priestess who had inherited from Yoshiaki.
 - From what I see, Kiara did a good training you or it is fortunate to have more power than me.
 - Why are you doing this, Noriko? Whether you like it or not, we have the same blood, we are relatives!
 - Up to poderámos be relatives, if Kiara had not killed my father, now, I'll avenge him until the end!
 - But, by chance, Yoshiaki gave you a demonstration of affection?
 - Shut up! - Noriko shouted, drawing his sword and attacking Nishihara, managing to make a cut on her arm. - If my father loved me or not does not matter to you, I'm here to settle the score, not to talk about my personal life, why do not you mess it!
 - I want to help you, but if you do not want okay, then I have no other choice but to fight against you, sorry.
  Noriko Nishihara attacked mercilessly and relentlessly, causing the girl to be compelled to draw the sword Owakizashi. In combat, the sword seemed heavier, because she could not move so fast when I was naked, but she could not leave the sword, it would surely die.
  Realizing that the situation was Nishihara, Noriko attacked even more strongly, believing it would win.
 - What happened? The sword is too heavy?
 - None of your business!
 - You do not fool me, girl! If this sword is heavy, leave it, do not be stupid to wield a weapon that you can not hold.
 - I know you want me to drop the sword for you to hit me, so I will not quit!
 - If you are not going to quit for good, will drop by bad girl!
  And with a sharp blow, Noriko launched Owakizashi away, out of reach of Nishihara, who had to fight unarmed, and this meant that Noriko could really hurt the girl, who can hardly stand it upright.
 - It's your time, girl ... Goodbye!
  Before striking Noriko Nishihara, sword Tenseiga out on his own Sesshomaru's waist and ended in the hands of Nishihara, which has for the first time, freeing the coup Meido Zangetsuha, Noriko sending to the world of the dead, where she could return.

  When you come home with the help of her father, Kiara was the first who embraced the girl, with relief and pride.
 - Have you become a Miko, my daughter, I am very proud of you.
 - Thank you, Mom.
  So who left her mother, Nishihara had the eyes of Sesshoumaru and Kiara turned to her, because she was winning brands and full youkai powers.

 - Now I know why Tenseiga accepted you, my daughter, welcome to the world full of Demons.