Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

02- A Beautiful Song

  After the failed attempt to revive his wife with Tenseiga, Sesshomaru began to feel even more sadness and longing, he was sure she would never see the smile on his beloved again. But, by contrast, had a wonderful youngest daughter, who played the role of Kiara perfectly without knowing, and it brought a little joy in life than youkai.
   In course of time, Nishihara learned to play flute, but even being skillful, the melody did not compare it to the tune of Kiara, which was smooth and soft, which brought peace to Sesshoumaru.
   One day, while Nishihara trained, the youkai heard another sound of the flute, which was not his daughter, was another person who probably was in the garden.
  - Wait a minute, Nishihara, I'll be back.
    She also heard the sound, and therefore waited for the return of her father, who returned, sorry.
  - And then, Dad, you could see who it was?
  - No, when I arrived there was nobody else in the garden, but I could swear the sound was Kiara, she can only play so beautifully that way, I'm sorry, my daughter did not want to offend you.
  - Do not worry, Dad, I know that mommy was the best of all ... When I play, it seems that I feel her presence here with me.
  - That's it, play it again, Nishihara.
    The girl started playing again, but no sound came over that day, only during the morning, near dawn. Sesshoumaru was looking in the garden again, but he saw nothing.

   And that sound appeared every day, always at the same time, whether playing or not Nishihara, and every day, the demon tried to find out who was the author of that sound, but never successfully.
  But one thing he was certain: that melody belonged to a woman, and only one had the ability to play that way.