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Sunday, July 15, 2012

14- Wrong Husband

- Kiara, dear, find someone who can make you happier than Sesshoumaru ...
 - Inukimi, I thank you for what you guys are trying to do, but I will not marry again, I'll wait for Sesshoumaru until the last day of my life.
 - I think you'll change your mind when you see, it is identical to Sesshomaru and I think you will not miss him.
 - Please, I said I do not want anyone else to know.
  Inukimi not heard the decision of the girl and brought her to the room where he was a newcomer to her husband.
 - Kiara, this is Sephiroth.
  Seeing the figure of the man who was in the room, Kiara collapsed, causing Yasuhiko carry her back to the room, making sure that Sephiroth had no possibility to look at the girl.
 During the period that the girl was fainted , Sephiroth was waiting for her to wake up.
 - What are you doing here? You did not ...
 - No, my dear, but it took me a long time to recuperear and when I knew that Sesshomaru had left for war, it took another chance.
 - Get out of here right now!
 - I will not leave until you do not tell me you take me as husband.
 - Never! Now leave before I call the guards.
  Sephiroth pretended not to hear and continued there until Yasuhiko returned to the room to see how his mother was and saw the intruder.
 - You have not given permission to enter here, you damned, so get out of here now! My father may not be here, but it is my duty to protect my mother while he is not.
 - Since it is so, then I have no choice but to leave here, keep these words, Kiara, you'll still see me again soon.
  Once Sephiroth left, Yasuhiko told Kiara, sad:
 - I'm sorry for leaving you alone, mother.
 - It's alright, my baby, do not worry.
 - It does not hurt you, mother?
 - No, my baby, I'm fine. I just hope Sesshoumaru back soon.
 - I, too, Mom, me too.