Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 2, 2012

01- Start

  Ten years have passed since the death of Kiara, causing the castle and all the kingdom to stay lifeless and colorless, because all the land east to worship, especially Sesshoumaru, who never smiled nor showed joy, just unhappiness, and that the creation of very interfiria Nishihara, because she always acted like her mother, treating the youkai with more affection than any other, bringing some comfort to the boy.
   Every day, always in the morning, he went to the garden to admire his wife, who had a quiet and sweet expression, making the heart of Sesshoumaru stay warm while he was near her.
  - You do miss my princess, if I could make you live again, but nothing can bring you back ...
   When he finished speaking, the Tenseiga vibrated youkai's waist and he drew his sword and can see for the first time the servants of the underworld, which surrounded the body of Kiara. Hopeful, the boy cut the servants and they disappeared, but the girl did not wake, causing yet more disappointment for him.
  - I wanted so much to see your smile, my princess, was what gave you life, color and joy in these lands, but I know I'll have to conform to the longing in my heart forever.