Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

19- Human

- This is the only way to save Kiara?
 - Yes, you may not think much, Sesshoumaru, the time of her life is ticking every second.
 - So do my wife back to life, I quit being a youkai.
 - Are you sure? Your choice will not be changed later.
 - Hurry up, Kiara can not wait any longer.
  Respecting the choice of her son Inukimi made a cut on the wrist of Sesshomaru, causing all Youki (youkai essence) would leave his body and get into Kiara, who was almost dead.
  As it happened, the demon began to lose their powers and their birthmarks, his eyes no longer golden and began to turn blue, pointy ears are gone and the skin he carried in his right shoulder disappeared. The only thing left is the color of his hair, which remained silver.
   With his wife in his arms, Sesshomaru asked:
 - It will wake Kiara how long?
 - I suppose in the next two hours.
  The boy said nothing, just left with the still unconscious girl on his lap, walking to the castle.
  When he returned, the couple's children were still in the garden, removing the body of Yoshiaki.
 - They are still removing the body of this damned?
 - Dad? -Akira asked, surprised.
 - Yes, It's a long story, if they are satisfied, this was the only way of saving the mother of you.
   Sesshomaru did not expect the response of children, only entered the castle and laid in bed Kiara, who had healed the wounds and slept soundly.
   But what nobody knew was that the boy drew Youki's soul into the body Yoshiaki Kiara, having it slowly.

   Two hours passed and the girl awoke, startled to see her husband. So Sesshoumaru told her everything that had happened, making her feel guilty for not have cared.
 - The fault was not yours, if it were to save one of our children, I would have done the same ... As for the Nishihara, do not worry, she's fine.
 - I know, but forgive me, I never wanted to see you in these conditions, you honered very your soul of youkai and because of my carelessness, you gave up your power.
 - Unfortunately, the poison Kabawashi gave can not be removed, I will have you for a month, nothing more.
  The boy hugged his wife and was stroking her hair, reflecting on her loss, would happen soon.

  Days passed and Kiara had not yet adapted very new to the appearance of her husband, but she still loved him anyway, but the soul of Yoshiaki had already controlled more than half of her body, making it perform actions inexplicable.
  Until one night, the girl stood up and segiu to room Nishihara, nodachi with sword in hand, with a cruel intention in mind. Quietly, she opened the bedroom door and came close to the baby's crib. There was no light in the room, unless the moonlight, which made nodachi shine with a silvery sheen intense.
  Within the body of Sesshomaru, still resided rather Youki, which made him hearing and smell still sharp as this, he could hear the noise from the blade of the sword, and worried, ran into the bedroom of his daughter, the time prevent a great tragedy.
 - Kiara, what are you doing?
 - Out of my way! This is not about you!
 - Of course it says! My daughter is too and if something happens to be my responsibility.
  Nervously, the boy grabbed his wife by the shoulders and looked into her eyes and can see that the color of the irises of her eyes were red. Around her, the smell of Yoshiaki started appearing, but Sesshoumaru could not understand any of these changes and therefore took the girl back to the room and went back to sleep.

  Then on another night, before the soul of Yoshiaki completely take possession of the body Kiara, she again took the sword and pointed it against Sesshomaru, who was sleeping peacefully.
 - Kill him now! Yoshiaki -the voice echoed by the girl's head.
  She pesnou to obey, but the love she felt for her husband was very large and, therefore, instead of hurting her husband, she decided to restore to him the powers of youkai, she cut her own wrist and let the flow of Youki back to the true owner, who once again absorbed his half demon and agreed at the time Yoshiaki Kiara had possessed completely, leaving no vestige of her soul.
  With heightened senses back, Sesshoumaru managed to fight and realize that his wife was being controlled and wanted to attack, but said Yoshiaki, with his soul involving the girl's body:
 - If you attack, the body will only hurt Kiara, and you turn into a killer, Sesshomaru, you have the courage to kill the woman who loves you?
 - Damn! Even with the body of my wife, I'll destroy you, whatever the cost.
 - But if you do, you will lose it forever, you have this awareness?
 - Yes, but I will destroy you instead of Kiara and I will not hurt her.
 - And how do you plan to do this? Do not belong to this world, its no sword could touch me.
  Then the demon Tenseiga drew his sword, which could cut everything that did not belong to the human world and cut the soul of Yoshiaki, making it the body of the girl, who fell lifeless into the arms of Sesshoumaru.

  At that moment, the soul of Kiara Yoshiaki arose and followed up the world of the dead (Meido), where there happen to her last battle.