Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 23, 2012

18-The possession of the kingdom Inu Youkai

  Taking a break with Sesshomaru, Sephiroth began to plot a plan that, while it would pay the debt, that Kiara would be his wife forever. Then all the soldiers who joined and had prepared to fight against the soldaods Inu Youkai Sesshoumaru, who were stronger and more active to any attack.
  To give a sample of youkai power he had, Sephiroth of the soldiers sent to attack the east side of the village, causing many innocent people to strike him. Do not take anything but left a reastro destruction passed by.
 - That coward! Attacking innocent people to show strength and power, but ultimately, what he thinks he is gaining from this?
 - He wants to show that masi is strong and he can now fight fire with fire.
 - That's not fair, Dad! These people have nothing to do with the war that he wants to start!
  Nishihara was angry because most of the villagers who were wounded were children, and because of this, Kiara and she had to care for them all the day, while Sesshomaru, Yasuhiko and other soldiers recontruiam village again.
 - We are very grateful for everything you did for us, Lord Sesshomaru, you really are a great king and we are happy to have the privilege to serve the Lord.
 - It's the least I can do besides diss, it is the duty of a ruler to ensure protection and support my subjects ... Yasuhiko, convene six soldiers to look after this side of town.
 - Now, Dad, excuse me.
  Thus Inu Demons royal family returned to the castle, where there Sesshoumaru was preparing to confront Sephiroth, but the demon did not have time to think of an appropriate strategy, because, again, another attack was coming, this time with Sephiroth leading his soldiers to the dominions of Sesshoumaru.
 - Prepare to fight, Sephiroth is on the way.
 - Lord Sesshomaru would not be better to call a booster?
 - No, this is my fight and do not want anyone from outside intrudes.
 And in a split second, the enemy entered the castle of the demon, who took the front line to fight back.
 - His reign will end, Sesshoumaru, Inu lands Demons will have a new ruler.
 - And, by chance, you are the ruler?
 - Sure, and these villagers will leave me rich and powerful, and, of course, Kiara remain queen, but by my side.
 - Your damn, shut up!
  Sesshomaru fought hard against Sephiroth, but a sole enemy entered the castle and found youkai Kiara, using the fragility of the girl, he concocted a plan.
 - Sesshoumaru Arioto, Kiara give up now or suffer the consequences.
 - Honey, do not listen to him! Please, the kingdom is more important than my life, save the villagers!
 - Shut up, girl! And then, you will deliver the kingdom or not?
  The youkai thought and replied, holding the sword in the sheath Bakusaiga and walking toward Kiara, looking at her husband comforted and horrified:
 - Stay with that stupid kingdom now Give me back my wife.
  Soon, the girl was freed and befriended the boy.
 - Why did you do that? The kingdom was far more important than me!
 - I can recover the kingdom again, but you could not recover if you die.
 - But you thought about how these poor villagers will suffer?
 - Yes, but his reign will be short lived, very little.
 - Do you have some plan in mind?
 - Not yet, but soon I'll think of something.