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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

06- Noriko

 - Yoshiaki had a daughter? As well, Yume?
 - I said this was not a good idea ...
  Yume took offense:
 - Draft, mangy dog! I'm sorry, Kiara, is that yourr husband makes me mad.
 - Do not bother with it ... Yume, you can see how is this girl?
 - Yes, it has the same age as Ratsune, maybe a year younger, has long silver hair, her eyes are the color purple and she has the powers and Yoshiaki Shimiku.
 - So, those powers that Yoshiaki stole from my mother are with this girl now?
 - Yes, they are. And her name is Noriko.
 - Thank you, Yume.
 - Nothing, ah, one more thing: his heir can fight with Noriko.
 - You mean Nishihara will have to fight?
- Yes, and you can not intervene.
  Kiara did not answer, just left, sad and dejected, thinking the danger they would face Nishihara still small. She decided then that would replace Nishihara and grew until it reached a suitable age.

  And she did: for five years, Kiara has trained her daughter so she could meet Noriko soon, that, without anyone knowing, Nishihara followed the progress day by day, finding all her powers and weaknesses.
  Different than I thought, Noriko did not find many weaknesses, only one, which would be fatal to Nishihara: a little skill in fighting with swords.
  Sesshomaru was the only one who noticed this weakness in the castle, so he did the best he could to enhance the ability of the child, but to no avail, because, because it is a hanyou (half youkai, half human), no accepted the sword, nor Tenseiga nor Bakusaiga nor Tokijin nodachi and neither, therefore, the youkai Toutousai sent an old family friend make a decent sword for the girl, but even so, she could not fight Right, because the sword was too heavy. Because it is long and heavy sword was named Owakizashi, which was used as a second option for Nishihara.

  Until one day, the nightmare became reality Kiara, and she could not do anything to stop it.