Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10- Sephiroth

 - The long-awaited moment finally arrived, now I can once again have the most precious thing that damn demon stole at least she is being well cared for.
 - Forgive me for interrupting the line of your thoughts, sir, but when I can sort the lines of attack on the eastern lands?
 - No, I myself will go to the palace of Sesshomaru and I will take my future wife back to me.
 - As you wish.
  And then this mysterious boy waited through the night and during the night, silently, he entered the room where Sesshoumaru and Kiara slept. Even with all the silence that he did upon entering the room, the demon smelled him and he agreed.
 - Your scent is noticeable even from afar, what you want here?
 - You know what I want and I came to take her back to me.
 - Kiara told you no, you both want it that way, you should respect this decision.
 - Before you know it, Kiara and I loved each other, but the fault of Yoshiaki, you found her and stole her from me.
 - Kiara I did not steal from you, she said I was her true love, and besides, I am a friend of her father for several years and Kagemaki said Kiara would be my second wife since she was born, so all what you said is pure lie, Sephiroth!
 - You are right, it's a lie, but the fact that I was coveting it before you is the honest truth and I will not leave here without what I came for.
   At that moment, Kiara woke up and was startled to see that a silver-haired man, tall and wearing a black overcoat was in the room arguing with Sesshomaru in the middle of the night. It took a while, but soon she recognized the smell of the intruder and sheltered in the arms of the youkai.
 - You saw yourself with your own eyes that Kiara does not want, so go away from here and I forget that you cistus here one day.
 - If it does not come with me as well, come with me by force - Sephiroth said, drawing his sword and apantando for Kiara.
 - You will not get her off of me like that, it will just get out of here if she wants, but I do not allow the force. If you want to fight, fine by me, but we will fight in the garden, do not want Kiara to be traumatized by his death.
  Sephiroth did not answer, just left and went to the garden, followed by Sesshomaru, who took the sword to fight Bakusaiga. To ensure that Kiara would not leave and not disturb the fight, Jaken was taking care of her, but when a cry of pain coming from Sesshoumaru echoed into the room, Kiara jumped out the window and ran toward her husband, who had his arm left injured.
 - Go back inside, I can manage alone.
 - No! I will not leave! I know you want me here, so I'll stay, no matter what you tell me!
 - Okay, I have no time to waste discussing it now, just be careful and stay away, ok?
 - Okay, take care, Sesshoumaru.
 - You're talking to a demon samurai, do not worry.
   The demon was about to achieve victory, but Sephiroth managed to dodge and thrust his sword Sesshoumaru's back, causing him to fall to the ground, bleeding to death. Desperate, Kiara ran to help her husband and took the sword of Sephiroth, leaning his head on the shoulder of her husband left her.
 - Excuse me, my love, my fault, if I had stayed in the room ...
 - Do not say that ... One way or another I would suffer the blow ... Do not cry, you knew that one day it might happen.
 - Yes, I know, but it was my fault.
   Sesshomaru gathered the last of him and kissed Kiara forces one last time, before asking for her one last favor.
 - Kiara, I ask you one thing: leave this palace and go with Sephiroth, he, unlike me, are better able to protect you.
 - Never! You're my husband and I will not leave everything to go with it!
 - This is my last request and I hope you realize the ... No matter what happens, I love you.
 - Sesshoumaru? No, my love, do not leave me, no ... I ...
  Kiara could not finish the sentence because he was weeping. Jaken, the bedroom window, threw the Tenseiga for her, but to no avail, the wound was very violent and nothing would bring him back. Without seeing no alternative, she embalmed the body of the demon and put him back in bed, then changed and left the kingdom to the care Yasuhiko before leaving for the nightmare that awaited her.

  The days passed and Kiara was bitter and sad, making things more difficult for Sephiroth, which irrritava every day.
 - Enough! You're with this guy for ten days, or treat you to change this behavior or you will suffer!
 - The fault was his, Sephiroth, if you had left me alone, none of this would be happening. I'm not doing it for you, but my husband Sesshoumaru Arioto.
 - Do not pronounce the name of that scabby demon in my house!
  Without thinking, the girl slapped his face furious.
 - Do not you dare call my husband itchy! The only culprit is the same for you all this be happening!
  Overcome with anger, Sephiroth Kiara slapped his face, throwing her against the wall.
 - Enough of this useless thread! I want you in the room in exactly five minutes!
  Five minutes: it was the perfect time for her to escape and return to the castle of Sesshoumaru.
  After up to five minutes, Sephiroth returned to the room, more furious than ever, and his anger increased even more to see that Kiara had fled and he personally began looking for her, would be a difficult task because he was not a demon and therefore could not follow her scent.

  After so much time running through the woods, she finalmete came to her and the old castle, exausata, lay on the bed where the body was Sesshoumaru and she took shelter in the cold arms of her husband, then sleeping.
  Seeing the love felt for her daughter one youkai, Shimiku made the soul of Sesshoumaru back right now.
 - Thanks, Shimiku. - Sesshoumaru said, looking out the window and then looking at Kiara - Good morning, my sleeping beauty.
  At that time, Kiara screamed and got out of bed, startled.
 - Calm down, do not remember me?
 - Sesshoumaru, dear, is that you?
 - Yes, during that time I got to know her mother and she helped me to relive, with the help of your fidelity and love.
  Sesshomaru then put his right hand Kiara on his face and he kissed her and gave her a hug, like the first time we both kissed.
 - Do you believe now that I'm alive?
 - Yes, absolutely yes, and I'm very happy about that.
  A voice interrupted:
 - Sorry disrupt the romance of you, but I have something to recover lost and came again.
 - Kiara has made it clear that she does not want you, Sephiroth, she has been faithful to me even when I was dead.
 - So I have to kill you again, just so she will give in and not come back here.
  At that time, Kiara had advanced about Sephiroth, with nodachi hands and confident in what he was doing, but she was very fragile and was not able to defend themselves. It was then that Sesshoumaru took his hand and hugged Kiara with the other arm, making the love of both prevailed.