Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 16, 2012

15- Victory

 Two days passed and Kiara got a wonderful surprise in the castle, and know that Sesshomaru had won the war and was returning, she also knew that his kingdom had expanded, making the territory of the youkai larger than the territory of the Inu Taishou.
  When evening came, Kiara went to the office after showering to take care of the documents of the kingdom while her husband has not arrived, so she gets totally focused on the job and not notice the exclamation of Miyuki in the room.
 - Do not make noise, do not want to spoil your mother, do not say anything to her, ok?
 - Ok, I will not say anything, but my other brothers already know?
 - Yes, but Kiara is the only one who can not see me and not know what I'm here ... After all, where is she?
 - It is in the office filling out paperwork and have not come down for dinner.
 - Must be a paperwork and so much, but I can not spoil the surprise of her ... It's about time you go to sleep, girl, now go, but do not say anything to Kiara.
 - Okay, I know ... Good night, Daddy.
 - Good night, sleep tight.
   As she promised to Sesshoumaru, Miyuki was goodnight to Kiara, but said nothing about the fact that he returned home.
  Ending to arrange the papers, Kiara was dinner and then went to his room to sleep, unaware that there was a surprise waiting for her.
 - Sesshoumaru! - She said, smiling and throwing themselves into the arms of the demon, who kissed her fondly. - Missed you so!
 - I also felt, my princess, and I was dying to see you again.
 - So how was it? Tell me everything.
 - I think you already know almost all the letters that I sent to you, except for one thing ...
 - What is it, my prince? Something bad happened? - Kiara asked, worried.
- Do not call it serious, but I have certexa that you will go crazy for concern me.
  The demon said nothing, only showed that the wound was on the left side of his body to Kiara, who was vexed, and soon began to treat the injury Sesshoumarucuidadosamente, causing the youkai complained.
- Do not need all that, queirda, you see it, this wound is already healing itself.
- Nay, my dear, you deserve special care, you know?
- Yes, I understand. - He said, grimacing.
Once finished bandaging the body of Sesshoumaru, the two slept in days and seginte, the youkai was treated like a baby, causing him to be angry, but happy at the same time.