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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 27, 2012

22- End

 - Hurry! We quie out of here before the castle collapses on us!
 - But how? There are guards in every room and the roof is already on fire, how do we go from here?
 - Let's go through the guards, masi is easy to go through this fire.
  When the three went to the room, the enemy was already in the castle looking for Sephiroth: it was dark with red eyes and carrying a long, sharp sword in his left hand: his name was Drake, a former enemy Sephiroth.
  To protect Kiara, Sesshomaru drew his Bakusaiga and stood in fighting stance, but he was caught up by surprise.
 - I have nothing with you, demon, I came to resolve some issues with Sephiroth, but is a good workout if I use you before fighting my real opponent.
  The demon did not answer, just getting ready to attack Drake, but a part of the roof fell, separating the two opponents each other, which eventually caught the attention of Sephiroth.
 - But what does this mean? As you two have fled this way and how youkai came in here? - Turning back, he saw the enemy and he said - Well, it did not matter, just do not mess this fight, get it?
  None of the three responded, but the fire was spreading rapidly, and the smoke that was inside the castle was too strong, which made Kiara faint.
 - InuYasha, take Kiara here, I'll get to finish what I started with Sephiroth, so I reach you guys.
 - But, Sesshoumaru, this castle will crumble!
 - That's why I want you and Kiara get out of here quickly.

  Even fighting Drake, Sephiroth could hear the conversation and Sesshomaru said, without looking back:
 - Get out of the three here!
 - How so? You are freeing ourselves?
 - Hurry! This castle will crumble and I'm interested in peaceful struggle, without anyone watching this fight and the most alé, Kiara will die asphyxiated if you guys do not just take her away.
 - But ...
 - Gone! I'll take care of it!
  InuYasha and Sesshomaru left, but before leaving the castle, the demon said, without looking back:
 - Thank you, Sephiroth.

  Soon, they came out and continued fighting Sephiroth Drake in the castle, which had almost entirely collapsed and Punico comodo was still standing was the main room.
  A few minutes later, the fight ends and Sephiroth wins, he was very sore, so I do not have the strength to leave the castle. Before death, Sephiroth said the fire that quickly consumed the castle:
 - A life for another, my debt is paid.

  At that time, the castle collapsed completely, becoming a huge fire, which poida be seen from afar.

  Past is a time, Kiara awakes and becomes increasingly desperate at the castle completely destroyed, causing her to leave Sesshomaru crazy with so many questions. Even impatient with the questions, the demon answered them all, making Kiara noticing everything.

 Days later, the castle to be rebuilt and finished in remembering the man who saved the life of the Demons, Sesshomaru allowed them to do a silver statue of Sephiroth and that put at the entrance of the kingdom, because, contrary to what many thought, he just wanted the love of Kiara, nothing more.