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Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 16, 2012

16- Baby Sesshoumaru

- But what does all this mean?
- You should rest, Sesshoumaru, that wound will not heal itself, you know?
- I know, but I'm just hurt and not sick, there is no need of such treatment as cautious.
- Do not be stubborn, just rest in this bed!
Sesshomaru replied forcefully:
- I will not stand! I look good, look!
- If you're as good as he says he is, then, why is wrinkling up your nose?
- I thought it was sneezing.
- Sneezing, I know, stop and rest just stubborn!
- I said no!
- If you do not rest for good, will rest the hard way, you know best.
Sesshomaru finguiu not have heard and walked toward the bedroom door, when Kiara stopped him and said, removing the swords and armor while youkai Jaken brought breakfast for the little guy.
- Jaken, take this tray down immediately! And you, my dear and beloved princess, please put my armor back?
- No way! Leave the tray here, please, Jaken, this boy will stay here period!
- I will not!
- Yes you will and to ensure that you will not escape through the window, Mitsuo is on the porch and I'll stay here with you, whether you like it or not!
- Okay, I will not insist, I see that now have to be treated like a baby.

And then throughout the day, Kiara came and went with bandages, medicines, food trays and all sorts of things that you guys can imagine, she even made ​​him take a colchilo mid-afternoon, which for him was very good since it was raining that day.

"Until that baby's life is not so bad, I think I can get used to it, but next time, I'd rather be whole" - Sesshomaru thought, resting and taking a cup of hot tea, getting Kiara cuddles for he sleep.