Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 6, 2012

05- Niece

   After returning to live, Kiara started to have nightmares all night with her eldest brother, Yoshiaki.
  - Hush, my princess, was just a nightmare, nothing will happen, dear, I'll protect you with my life, do not worry.
 - Not that, I feel the presence of another spiritual energy than that of Nishihara, this energy is hurt by something, and at the same time angry and mad at me,  whoever this person, she wants revenge for the death of Yoshiaki at any cost.
 - Must be your impression, princess, if there was another energy not think Nishihara also feel?
 - You are right, there should be nothing.

  Even in creating her own mind that no one was wanting revenge, the girl still had nightmares and felt he was closer to that person and wanted to get revenge at any cost, without hesitation.
  Until one night, Nishihara also woke in the night, frightened, along with Kiara, exactly the same time.
 - I woke up because I felt a very strong presence of a person close to us, Mom, is that I'm going crazy?
 - No, my daughter, you are not crazy, I felt, and is very strong. Sesshoumaru, do you think someone is connected to Yoshiaki?
 - Probably, and that person must know you too, to get a direct connection with you it must be his family.
 - I think we will soon have an unpleasant surprise ... Yume must know who this person is, tomorrow I'm going to talk to her.
  Sesshomaru looked at Kiara suspicious, and told his wife:
 - That crazy priestess? Do not think so.
 - Yume is not mad, she just has ...
 - A mental imbalance.
 - Sessoumaru! Do not talk that way, Yume has more power than us, and therefore it can know who is.
  The demon agreed and the next morning, the couple went to the palace of Yume, where there, the girl ran towards Kiara and she said, her eyes wide with fear:
 - A person who is spreading this energy is your niece.
 - My niece? How so? So Yoshiaki ...

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