Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

03- Romantic Letter

  Some months passed and the sound continued to play the flute, but it no longer bothered him more Sesshomaru because he did not want to know who was more the author of that beautiful melody.
  Until one morning, wake the demon with the smell of female perfume, which was known to him, beside him was a letter, written in a beautiful handwriting, which read:

 "To my Sesshoumaru,

  Like you, I miss you too and miss also our children, our castle, after all, I miss everything we had together.
  Do not ever wanna see you sad, my dear, want you to keep smiling and you know another woman, and with it you are very happy, maybe you get lucky to know you as a demon, who is immortal and can do company for you for eternity.
 I see your bright smile this beautiful and elegant face of youkai, never wanna see you sad or mourning my death.
 I also want you to know that my love for you will never change, will always remain the same, maybe someday I'll get back to you for us to resume our life again, but until then, you should be happy.
 As for me? Do not worry, your happiness is what matters, after all, you have an immortal life ahead of us and deserve to be happy forever.

                                        I hope you continue being happy,
                                                   With love and affection,
                                                        Kiara "

  Sesshoumaru had no doubts: the flute, the letter, the perfume and the powers of Nishihara were proof that Kiara was present in the nearby castle, causing the youkai smiled again for the first time in ten years.
  And just at that moment, the best friend of Kiara, called Yume Nashiwa brought Nishihara back to the castle.
 Looking forward, the demon showed the letter to her and she said, pleased:
 - The handwriting is from Kiara, so this means that the beginning is near.
 - How so "the beginning"? Yume, you're crazy!
 - Do not call me crazy, flea-bitten dog! I mean there are great chances Kiara back, but I can not say for sure, but everything indicates that it may return at any minute.
  That chance was enough to appease Sesshoumaru, who was, day after day, waiting for the return of his wife.