Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 13, 2012

12- Nightmare

The week that InuYasha stayed in the castle of Sesshoumaru was a nightmare for both empreggados the castle itself and for Sesshoumaru, counting the minutes to InuYasha leave and not return for several years. To help increase the despair, the daughter of Inuyasha, called Kalissa also came to stay at the castle of the demon, causing Akira and she quarrel constantly during the day.
   At lunchtime, it was a torture to those employed as InuYasha did not approve of anything that was on the menu and one of the servants had to go out and buy what I wanted to hanyou, but no one could have lunch in peace with his complaints.
   As he was bathing, was an even bigger nightmare because tempratura water had to be exactly 35 degrees and no degree less or more, the soap had to be of chamomile and towels had to be washed with fabric softener flowers sakura as well as all the sheets and bed linen.
   At dinner, it was common when Sesshomaru and Kiara eat sashimi, but InuYasha made ​​a point of eating Yakissoba, making the cook of the castle to stay angry.

   On the day that Inuyasha left, celebrated throughout the castle, because one horrible nightmare finally over. Even Kiara, who insisted on being polite and hospitable was pleased by the departure of visitors, because after a week of demands and a guest to have spoiled everything back to normal, and never cease to be.