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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15- " Kiara is my mother now"

- Kiara, you do not think she'll surprise the house and us?
 - No, you're her father, Sesshomaru, even though she has never seen you, she will feel your smell and she will know that you're her father.
 - Let's let her sleep, dear.

  Sesshomaru and Kiara Mitsuo left the room and left her to sleep peacefully until the early afternoon.
  Near two o'clock in the afternoon, when she awoke with the demon next to her and with his wife stroking the hair of the little girl.
 - Hello, darling, you sleep well?
 - Where am I? Who are you, girl?
 - My name is Kiara, I am the wife of his father. You're in the palace of his father.
 - This room is mine?
 - Yes, dear, it's yours.
  Upon hearing the voice of a man, Mitsuo looks to the side and smell the boy: a father and pleasant smell. Happy to finally meet his father, the little girl hugged Sesshoumaru.
 - Dad!
 - Hi, my little girl ... Are you hungry?
 - Yes, Dad, I'm very hungry.
 - So come on down to lunch with us; you like sashimi?
 - Yes! I love sashimi! -Said Mitsuo, excited and down the stairs.

  The year Mitsuo followed and grew, becoming a beautiful girl and become the best archer in the kingdom and choking on his head the image of Kabawashi as her mother. But Mitsuo Kiara also not ascribed to the role of mother, she felt motherless.
  Growing up, the girl kept within him a strong feeling of hatred by her biological mother because of Kabawashi have abandoned her without even saying goodbye her.

  But one day she would have the chance to show all her anger into a fight, which would fall to defeat Mitsuo own biological mother once and for all, and this day was very close to reaching.

  A few days later, you hear a bang in the garden of the castle: it was Kabawashi, angry, attacking the dominions of Sesshomaru with a vengeance.
 - Lord Sesshomaru says-Ken, terrified-Kabawashi is attacking the castle, the soldiers are not resisting her powers.
 - Powers? -Sesshomaru asked, surprised, she never had powers, I think you're confused, Ken.
 - Is it true, Dad - Mitsuo cries, looking out the bedroom window-It
Kabawashi, and it is with a spear in his hand.
  The demon was about to go fight when his daughter prevented him, as with the bow and arrows in hand, climbing and jumping in the window to the garden.
 - I'll do it, Dad, I waited long for this day to come. Trust me, I realize this alone!
  To see who would be her opponent, humorless Kabawashi laughed and said, attacking her daughter with a spear:
 - This can only be a joke ... I was hoping someone competent amateur and not an equal to you. Well, anyway serves.
 - You'll pay for everything you did for me and my father, Kabawashi!
 - Enough of me talking, girl, wanna see if you learned something useful with his father.
  As Kabawashi attacked the girl dodged easily, and when he could, also attacked. The fight continued until Mitsou be disarmed, forcing the girl to fight with the sword of her father.
  The two girls were fighting non-stop since then, Kiara anguishing and worrying Sesshoumaru, who promised not to meddle in the fight.
 - You never gave me love and no love, so you no longer have the right to call me daughter.
 - And do you have another mother?
 - Yes, and it is called Kiara.
 - In addition to stealing my husband, that damn still steals my daughter.
  And in that moment of distraction, Mitsuo Kabawashi disarms.
 - Kiara did not blame, the blame is all yours, if you were not so treacherous and ambitious, none of this would be happening now ... Sorry, Kabawasahi.
  Saying that, the girl shoots an arrow into the breast of his mother and defeat, pride and relieving Sesshoumaru Kiara, who, from that day, my mother called out by Mitsuo, bringing the family joy and peace.