Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

16- A sad past

 For a brief moment we leave the current era to come back to the past Kiara, where there will be the beginning of the end for the time of struggles and to the revelation of a secret that was hidden for many years.

  There, in a small village in Japan, a priestess named Shimiku Kishikawa, she was twenty and she was a woman with great powers to the appearance of a great enemy, who took most of the powers Shimiku.
  And in that same village, had also given a samurai named Kagemaki Ryussen, which protected the village instead of Shimiku after she lost her powers.
  Gradually, the two were falling in love and that love turned into a sweet and gentle girl, who was named Kiara Kishikawa Ryussen.

  When Kiara was three years old, her parents were able to transform this village into a great empire, like its neighbors, family Arioto. From that day on, the family Ryussen gorvernava the lands of the North, always with justice and wisdom.
  Knowing that a new empire was formed, that same enemy Shimiku decided to attack and steal her daughter to be able to kill the girl, but Shimiku used the powers that remained for her and prevented the abduction of her daughter, but she died, transferring the obligation to detain the man for her daughter, who grew sad and learned to control her powers, through the help of Kagemaki, who also taught to fight with swords, spears and also taught to handle a bow and arrow.

  The day I found a wounded Sesshoumaru, Kiara had fought against the person who had killed her mother.

  Now, with the passage of so many enemies and dangers, the final battle is about to begin, but the young lady will have a disadvantage that will cost her life and also put the lives of Sesshomaru and Nishihara at risk.

  A lot of tension and choices will come, because this grand finale will be a revelation that will surprise everyone, including you, dear reader, hope you follow this final battle and exciting that also promises a happy ending, it is fair to you guys, which followed me and followed my stories all these chapters.