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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

2- Yasuhiko

Yasuhiko, the first child
Some time passed after the wedding, Kiara gives the news that she was expecting a child of Sesshoumaru, the demon appears very happy because it managed to establish an empire and they do not depend on anyone else on the other hand proved to be a little sad ...
  -Sesshomaru, honey, what happened? This news was not to his liking? Tell me the truth, I'll understand ... 'said the young to see the sad face of her husband.
  -This is not, is that our son will be born with a half-demon and I know this will bring a certain estrangement between my son and I ...
   Without waiting for answers from his wife, Sesshoumaru kisses and caresses her belly where her first son was lying. They stood for a while and soon they fell asleep.
  Some months later, on a beautiful morning, eager Sesshomaru walked from one side to the other by the birth of his son Yasuhiko was dying to meet her nephew, which did not please much youkai. Moments later, you hear a baby cry, Sesshomaru went to see his son and his wife, upon entering the room, the boy surpreeende: instead of a half-demon, was born a full-demon which made him very happy and for the first time, Sesshoumaru had been crying. He introduced his son to the whole kingdom with his wife and stayed in the room helping to care for the baby who was named Yasuhiko and seeing how she could breastfeed her child with love and tenderness.
  So down the stairs to show the boy the rest of the family. Inuyasha is enchanted with her nephew and takes it in her lap to play with it.
  -Whoa! what strength! He really is strong, as the father - Inuyasha said, after
Yasuhiko held one of his fingers with the little baby hand.
  Sesshomaru did not like much that his son had much contact with Inuyasha because she believed Yasuhiko lose the Prince stance and pass to behave like a rélice any. Realizing that his brother was not very happy with her son in her arms, handed it back to Sesshoumaru, that by taking the child in her arms opened a satisfied smile on his face and kissed her forehead. All were perceived as Yasuhiko was peaceful in the arms of his father and how they both liked to smell one another. Indeed, Sesshoumaru would be a good father ...