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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, June 22, 2012

11- Kiara`s tears

Nishimura Kabawashi

   Knowing the death of Zirayne, Rina decides to assume his Shiyuki identiade true and it takes over your mind the ambition to have Sesshomaru as her husband, because she already had a love potion, nothing could the wrong this time.
   It was then that she decided to dress up as a beggar and ask for shelter in the palace of the demon.
  As he approached the entrance to the castle, Ken barred and asked:
  - Who are you and what you want here?
 -Please, kind sir, I count on the goodness of your heart to give me a shelter.
 - Sorry, but strangers are not allowed in the castle, now go away.
  At that moment, Kiara came by with her son, Yasuhiko and wondered what was going on, to learn, said with compassion:
 - Let it go, Ken, we can provide shelter for at least one day.
 - Are you sure, Mom? I think Dad will not like it, Yasuhiko whispered to her mother.
 - He'll understand, otherwise he has no choice, have to accept. Looking-for-beggar is welcome, feel at home.
 - Thank you, Miss Kiara.
  Kabawashi entered the palace and went into the room where Kiara would stay that night.

  When Sesshomaru arrived and saw a stranger at the castle, wanted to throw her out, but the girl stopped him, explaining what had happened. Dissatisfied, Sesshoumaru took his wife to the bedroom, where there he said:
 - What madness was this? He had a bout of silliness? I know you're a nice girl, but already collect strangers here is absurd!
 - I could not leave the poor girl helpless, darling, just under promised for tonight.
  The demon sighed frustrated, pos knew that arguments do not convince Kiara to have the strange though. Keeping the swords and armor, he said, annoyed:
 - Okay, but no more day.
 - Combined ... Kabawashi wanted to make tea for us today to thank us for hosting.
  Sesshomaru looked suspiciously at Kiara:
 - And you let her do?
 - Sure, it could not prohibit.
  The boy rolled his eyes.
 - So let.
  Before descending to drink the tea, the girl put her hands on her husband's face and said, look sweet and gentle:
 - Please, my eyes honey, undo it and try to be sly face a host nice, just for today, tomorrow you can go back to being crafty again.
 - Okay, my little baby, do it only because of you.
 - Thank you. - Said the girl, with a bright smile.

  They descended the stairs and went to take tea; Kabawashi already awaited them as tea put on the table.
 - The tea is very good, thank you Kabawashi not agree, dear?
 - Yes, that's fine.
 - Glad you liked it. -Replied the stranger.

   During the night, Kabawashi Sesshomaru attracts to her room, since the potion was already having an effect on the mind of the demon. Without him seeing the woman with whom she was Kiara was not real, he relented to the impostor, who spent much of the night with the boy.
  The real Kiara did not notice the absence of her husband, who was too tired . When the day dawned, the demon was no longer on the effect of the potion and regained his consciousness, but it was too late, when he realized, was hugging the Kabawashi and with their lips centimeters away from her, afraid and feeling a traitor, he got out of bed quickly and found her son in the hall, who, seeing the reaction of the father, said:
 - Dad, what were you doing in the bedroom of Kabawashi so far?
 - You saw me go in there?
 - Yes, I saw and heard it too, I almost could not sleep with the noise of you.
 - I feel a man dishonored and dirty, betrayed his mother without realizing ...
  Unfortunately, Kiara heard the phrase from her husband and returned to the room, bruised and crying a lot, Yasuhiko saw her mother and told her father, who ran to the bedroom where his wife was packing his things to leave.
 - Kiara, princess, is not that what you're thinking, there was a mistake, Kabawashi put something in that tea and I did not feel well, did not know that it was not you and ...
 - Shut up! I do not want to hear anymore! I was betrayed by the person for no reason I loved the most ... This was a very hard blow, Sesshomaru never expected this from you, ever. I'm going home to my father and me nothing you say will convince me ... Goodbye.
 - Kiara ... I love you ...