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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

14- "This is your child too , Sesshoumaru"


  Some years after Ratsune was born, another girl, the daughter of Kabawashi and Sesshomaru, was also born, named after Mitsuo Arioto.
  By knowing that the demon had returned to live with his wife, Kabawashi begins to hate the girl and decides to abandon it, delivering it to the man creating the girl, hoping to pass an argument between the couple again.
 - Lord Sesshomaru, there is a woman wanting to talk to you.
 - Who is this woman?
 - She says it Kabawashi Nishimura.
  Furious, Sesshoumaru came down the stairs and went to the door where the girl was waiting with her daughter asleep in her lap.
 - What do you want here?
 - Take. It will be created for you from now on, her name is Mitsuo.
 - How so? I have nothing Kabawashi with you, go away and take the girl along with you.
 - I created the girl alone without you around to help, now, Mitsuo has a right to know her father.
 - Bring her when she is awake now, go away!
  Sesshomaru yelled so loud it woke Kiara, who descended the stairs, scared and say Kabawashi can hear loud and clear:
  - This is your child too, Sesshomaru, and you should also create it from now.
  - If you plotted it for Kiara from again, can go for more suffering it causes to Mitsuo.
  Finally, Kabawashi solves crosses the door and leave, but a voice stops far.
 - Wait, Kabawashi! If you do not want to know the girl, Sesshomaru and I'll take good care of it, do not worry.
  Kabawashi Kiara looked angry and said, gruffly:
 - Why are you doing this? This child is the culprit of you have been separated from Sesshomaru and now you want to take care of it?
 - Mitsuo was not at fault, who's fault was Kabawashi you, you took advantage of my kindness to Sesshomaru to use, then, if it is to your liking, you can leave the child here.
 - The decision is yours, do not blame me if it tear you two apart again.
 - I will not regret it, I'm sure.

  With neglect, Kabawashi handed to her daughter Kiara and left without saying anything. Sesshoumaru closed the door and looked at his wife, she said, looking and smilin for  Mitsuo:
 - Mitsuo have a lot of happiness here and I'll be very happy to be her mommy.